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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hey, New/Old Guy Here... My first VW's were a pair of 96 and 97 Passat TDI's I owned about 5 years ago. The 97 was my daily driver for awhile and the 96 was kind of a rough, but running car that I wound up selling after awhile. Sold the 97 Passat to buy a coworkers 05 Golf TDI with the...
  2. My 97 Passat TDI

    My 97 Passat TDI

    I Didn't Learn The First Time
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Towed my Golf from Texas to my GF's house in Kansas in preparation for my upcoming relocation to Wichita. Tried to drive in reverse to get the car off the tow dolly, and it wouldn't come off of it. Little to no power whatsoever. I eventually got the car off and took it for a spin around the...
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    FS: Mk4 Smoked HID Replica Golf Headlights

    I have a pair of European Spec HID Replica headlights with Glass Lenses for a 2005 (Mk IV) VW Golf. The lights are blacked out with projector style low beams, projector fogs, city lights, clear turn signal lenses, and standard reflector high beams. These lights were installed in my car...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Replaced my headlights with new units, and everything went fine, until I lost the pin for the hood pull release. So, I'm rocking a yellow zip tie until I can get another one and try to install it again.
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    Should I buy this eBay turbo cartridge?

    I worked in a turbo shop for a little over three years doing rebuilds, repairs, modifications to used turbochargers and assembly of new units as well. A turbo isn't that complicated, but it is a precision device that is subject to very precise tolerances and machine work. I've seen many...
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    Full part out-MKIV GTI

    Interested in the 3 Spoke Leather Steering Wheel with airbag.
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    FS: B4 Passat Bentley Paper Manuals Vol 1&2

    Manuals, Get Your Paper Manuals!! Used, but in great shape! $100 Shipped CONUS Both Volumes
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    For Sale: Garret GT-15 Journal Bearing Turbo/Exhaust Manifold $350 Shipped CONUS

    *BUMP* $250 plus shipping. If it doesn't sell, I'll start plotting and scheming on how to install it on my Miata. (Please don't let it come to that. :D)
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    FS: B4 Passat Bentley Paper Manuals Vol 1&2

    Lowered Price: $100 Plush Shipping For Both Volumes
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    Front Passenger Door Won't Lock

    Thanks for the info, you pretty much pinpointed the problem. :D The metal arm for the lock button got bent while removing the door panel initially and was binding. Pulled the panel back off, and bent the arm slightly so that it lined up with the opening on the door panel a bit better. Seems...
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    Front Passenger Door Won't Lock

    The front passenger door lock module in my Golf took a dump a few days ago. The module was stuck in the locked position and I had to force in the inner door handle pretty hard to get it to open. Ordered a new unit from a vendor, and installed it today. Before I put everything back together...