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    Cam bearing Reengineering for PD motors

    time for me to come out of the (dino) closet my PD cam had visible discoloration at about 80, 000 km, up until this time I was using stealer 5w30-505.01 oil. My mechanic, Euro Wrench Werks suggested I do the following: change to a CJ HDEO 15w40 6 month- 5000 mile oil change interval...
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    Stripped oversize drain plug
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    Stripped oversize drain plug

    personally I would weld the old plug to the pan and do topside (oil extractor oil changes) I haven't opened the plug on my MK4 since 2006
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    MASSIVE oil leak

    you threw a rod or the crank walked, as Oilhammer said new engine time
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    EGR Delete
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    Smoke under load straight piped 02 alh

    put the catalytic converter back on, :rolleyes: this will reduce the smoke (and air pollution) dramatically "For compression-ignition (i.e., diesel engines), the most commonly used catalytic converter is the diesel oxidation...
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    Looking for a Transmission Shop - HELP!

    Euro will NOT install a solenoid kit (to my knowledge) they will only install an entire brand new valve body, this is the only way in their opinion to fix the shifting issues they will install a factory new VW valve body only, no rebuilds or remans, I recall the cost was around $2000 The...
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    Looking for a Transmission Shop - HELP!

    get an entire valve body:
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    Wrong oil used in my Jetta TDI

    yes and original cam i changed to a dino 15w40 (hdeo) at 80 KM when I noticed the cam had some streaking on lobe #1, I thought the cam would die anyways that was over 6 years and almost 200 km ago still going strong
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    Wrong oil used in my Jetta TDI

    I have heard this before, but to date (knock on wood) the engine has been flawless. No oil consumption, when I had the TB changed my mechanic said the engine was "spotless". In reality it doesn't matter to me personally, the car owes me nothing, if it dies I will replace it My OCI is 6 months...
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    Wrong oil used in my Jetta TDI

    I have been using a dino 15w40 in my PD, I now have 250km and the original cam I have never been convinced that 505.01 was a magic oil, particularly when you read about all of the cam...
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    Differential knocking noise? Please listen

    engine mounts
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    a club is essentially useless unless you install this air bag shield, it makes cutting the steering wheel really difficult (its a much longer cut to make and it is case hardened steel)
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    04 PD BEW - starts then dies - suggestions?

    cam or crank position sensor replace both