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    2002 Jetta GLS auto in Connecticut

    2002 Automatic, 190,000 miles. As it's a GLS, it has all the normal power options, sunroof, keyless entry / alarm with both remotes, cruise, alloy wheels, etc. In addition, it has heated leather seats, and the Monsoon sound system. Factory all-weather and carpeted floormats (one set of...
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    Know not to change oil as often...what about the filter?

    I am curious to hear the comparison.
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    Seeking Advice to Improve Fuel Economy

    I would say the difference is quite a bit more than that. I average around 40mpg, with a best tank of 43mpg. 5 speed ALH owners often report 50mpg or more. I didn't mention it because the original poster was looking for tips pertaining to a vehicle already owned. While a tranny swap would...
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    Stripped "security" lug bolt ...

    Glad to hear! I think I'll do the same. This post has got me nervous about those locks again.
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    I don't have money to pay my 01M diagnostic stealership bill, so here is a spider

    Nate, having gone through in, I agree with you 100%. At the time I had a friend who used to roof, and I bartered some help by trading a motorcycle. We needed to replace plywood and such. I can't honestly say I did it myself, but I did get my hands dirty. My big problem is that I don't work very...
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    Seeking Advice to Improve Fuel Economy

    Nick, thanks for the response. It's been a LONG time since I studied technical college physics (still have the textbook, though). Your explination is logical for a given vehicle, but contradicts what many people (obviously including myself) have been taught from an automotive perspective...
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    Seeking Advice to Improve Fuel Economy

    Nick, cite your sources, if you don't mind. I have heard the same as what you said, but in the context of motorcycle tires. More accurately, the section of an MC tire really doesn't contribute much to the contact patch. For autos I have read both, so am going with what seems correct to me. I...
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    I don't have money to pay my 01M diagnostic stealership bill, so here is a spider

    I am among the exception. I resent paying for any service, regardless of quality. Actually, the truth is that I hate relying on anyone else to maintain anything I own. Fortunately the TDI is reliable, and not difficult to work on. I had an asphalt driveway installed a few years ago. It really...
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    When should I do my first oil change

    My only advise in addition to the above is to do it yourself (you probably are, but your post wasn't specific). Besides the special bond you develop with the car, you will know exactly what is going in there. Noone cares as much about your car as you do. Not VW, not me, not the factory trained...
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    Seeking Advice to Improve Fuel Economy

    Bias ply tires will develop center wear with overinflation. Radials do not. A wide tire (such as AMGs are equipped with) will require less pressure than a narrow one, since the weight is distributed across a larger surface. More square inches = less pounds per square inch to support the same...
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    Autopsy of 01 Jetta TDI w/282k

    And SO close to 300,000. Damn!
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    At the dealer: my car slipped off the lift!

    These things happen. Since your issue sounds like a relatively minor one, they probably handed the ticket to one of the lesser experianced techs. I'm sorry his learning curve had to happen on your car, and not a Routan or Touran. As for why it would need to be lifted. Maybe they wanted to remove...
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    What would you recommend VW add to future Jetta/Golf TDI's?

    I apologize in advance to all whom my previous post will undoubtably piss off. I am sorry that you cannot take a Joke!
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    What would you recommend VW add to future Jetta/Golf TDI's?

    Don't give the current democratic administration any ideas!
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    Temperature Question

    At 227k, I would start with the thermostat. Even if it doesn't fix the problem, it's considered routine maintnance, and it really is the most likely cause. They are not difficult to change. You will need to drain off some coolant to change it. Some people will drain all of it, and replace. I...