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    06 Golf BEW Intermittent Injector Fault

    I have been trying to chase down an injector fault for a few months now and I'm completely out of ideas. Last vagcom scan shows 18072 - Control Circuit for PD Injectors P1664 - 000 - Electrical Malfunction - Intermittent - MIL ON Freeze Frame: RPM...
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    FS: PIE Satellite Radio Adapter w/ Panavise Mount

    Both items work and were used for around a year in my car. The adapter's sticker is a little wrinkled from the Texas heat. \ SOLD!! PIE XM5-VW02 Panavise 75138-404 $35 Shipped USPS anywhere in the USA
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    Nicktane filter

    Key "ON" runs the lift pump for a sec or so. Might take a few cycles to fill the filter housing
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    WTB: BEW Intercooler

    Bump Surely someone has one laying around
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    2006 Lift Pump (used) $20

    Is this from an A4 or A5?
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    WTB: BEW Intercooler

    I'm looking for a BEW intercooler, mine has developed a leak :mad: Thanks in advance
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    2009+ Tdi's in SSC SCCA Club racing :)

    I noticed there is a race coming up this weekend. Will you be there, and is it open to spectators?
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    Bentley Service Manual including 2.0L CBEA is here $94.66 w/free shipping
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    Favorite Wheels?

    Not sure what they call these, I was surprised when we picked the car up :)
  10. 2009 JSW

    2009 JSW

  11. 2009 JSW

    2009 JSW

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