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    Jetta TDI for parts not running, complete

    Not running but complete. 1998 Jetta TDI with manual 5-spd. The injection pump leaks badly and doesn't work Other than that it was running daily about 6 years ago. Floor rusted and was patched. Starter is new. Complete car. Front fenders dented.. 330,000 miles. Also has an Eslbett single tank...
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    Update. The '98 Elsbett is parked in the garage

    Hey Jon! Actually, in one way, things have never been better. I'm sitting on almost 600 gallons of wvo right now! In last two months picked up 450 gallons of fryer oil in cubies from a country club and a biodiesel maker who fell way behind. With fewer people in the game, there's more free stuff...
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    Update. The '98 Elsbett is parked in the garage

    Fuel pump finally gave up the ghost at ~ 325K So now I am running the F-250. It's more tolerant of inferior fuel quality.
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    Update. The '98 Elsbett is parked in the garage

    Fuel pump finally gave up the ghost at ~ 325K So now I am running the F-250.
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    Winter Biodiesel

    Oh yeah?:rolleyes: If the B100 is sourced from WVO, it has very little CO2 contribution and definately comes out cleaner than a fossil fuel.
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    Winter Biodiesel

    Cummins test Re: "I don't believe your car now is cleaner than it was stock from the factory. Do you have any tests or real evidence to back this up? I am all for bio but I think you are wrong about this aspect." Somewhere I read Cummins did an emissions comparison test of their engine. A ULSD...
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    Winter Biodiesel

    Do you have a refrigerator? Spare yourself the nonsense replies and just test your blend yourself. Then you'll know for sure if it will gell at 5*F. FWIW, I ran B100 + 20% kerosene in my older TDI w/o gelling in similarly cold CT.
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    German govt moves to ban diesells by 2030
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    German Lawmakers Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2030
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    Canola oil as fuel additive?

    yes I'm heating the VO to 160*F so my system is different from one the OP asked about that is unconverted and running some small percentage ( < 25% ) of VO blended with diesel. However my system is a single tank, and it starts and runs the first 5 miles on cold VO. From 60 to 90% VO...
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    Canola oil as fuel additive?

    RE: 12 year old thread is apt for my 12 year old SVO conversion Been averaging 80% WVO or SVO, canola, soy, corn, peanut. 238,000 miles so far.And NONE of the calamities claimed by a few of the 'knowledgeable' posters to this thread. :D I'll try to add some real knowledge. University study of...
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    Canola oil as fuel additive?

    "It's been on a shelf in my garage for 5 YEARS! NO SEPARATION AT ALL. " yes. But of course you had to PROVE it to the naysayers here.:rolleyes: IIRC a moderator here was the one who claimed wvo would settle out. Absolute unsupported superstition, but it would get picked up and parroted. BTW...
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    Any of you guys run a lift pump?

    I used to plug fuel filters regularly running wvo due to algae plugging the filters. It causes a fuel restriction that is only perceptible when near full throttle. Like going up hill. It fells like a slight sag in power, like running into a sudden head wind. If it gets real bad I get FIP CEL...
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    Raspberry Pi CPU Integration

    This sit ehas th ebasics of what is required thisone runs on the Pi: Basically , you need an OBDII interface which is either a modified optically isolated 1 line serial port, or CAN, and then you would have to...
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    98 Jetta Fuel line leak

    IIRC its 6mm inside diameter nylon. Rather than splice I think the easier and more reliable thing is to replace it. It's very easy to get out. It's just held in by a couple plastic clamps to the floor. There is a pressure fit at the fuel pump pickup and near the firewall where it transitions to...