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    MK3 97 cabrio TDI

    Tentatively sold, have deposit. Thanks all for interest! If anything changes i'll let you know.
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    MK3 97 cabrio TDI

    The time has come to part ways with my creation. I have a 97 cabrio converted to AHU? tdi. Engine/trans came out of 97 passat IIRC. It has a rocket chip set. 12mm pump. It runs well IMO. Functionally it works as it should, electronics etc. Did a clutch less than 10k ago. The bad-windshield...
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    TDI in Mk1 Cruise Control

    Its actually fairly easy in my opinion. The ecu does most of the work but it will need to see a speed signal, and pedal switch positions. I used a stock switch. Mine I used the mk1 cluster but input the vss in the back for a speed signal since i also used a 020 trans(hate) and then its a later...
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    ALH 10mm pump core $100 shipped

    ALH 10mm pump core $85 shipped Title says it all. Hard times desperate measures. I don't know history but was planning on eventually rebuilding it. On ebay not sure if i'm allowed to link if not please let...
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    2001 NB 5sp TDi 170k FS

    The goofy beigey thing in the pic is actually a piece of a weed I think. There is no cut in the seat. Maybe a little fuzzy wear on the driver side bolster but no holes! I don't have compression numbers, never checked them, but did measure piston to deck and they were good.This one didn't seem to...
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    2001 NB 5sp TDi 170k FS

    Any offers? Thoughts or ideas? Should I just pop it on craigslist instead?
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    2001 NB 5sp TDi 170k FS

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately the time has come I am going to need to part with my NB tdi. It is silver, cloth interior, power windows, locks etc. It started life as an auto but has been converted to 5 sp last year. It had a new clutch pp flywheel rear main etc at the time, maybe 2-3k ago. The...
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    The "Alchemist's CEL MIL Functionality Fix" !!!

    Nice! Its going to come in handy as i see a jeep conversion in my future for a friend!
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    Parts needed for TDI swap into Cabriolet

    On the 85 cabby, The rear mount is off the trans. I think only the later mk3's had the rear engine mount issue, though shift linkage may interfere on mk1. I can only speak from experience but the 020's are horribly geared for the tdi, even with the .71 overdrive and 3.68 ring and pinion! VW...
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    Those in need of an 01M Automatic Transmission

    Depends on what your ultimate goal is. I didn't take anything as argumentitive i was clarifying, if i sounded harsh, i apologize. To make either of them identical gearing to your tdi 01m (since i assume those are recycled jacks codes) One is a 1.8t (FDC)auto the other a 2.0 gasser(FDF) your in...
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    Those in need of an 01M Automatic Transmission

    I answered that question- THEY ARE NOT! Not a single gas fueled 01m trans code is the same as the tdi trans codes(ratios) in the north american market. I have rebuilt both. To give you a super accurate answer on exactly what is certainly different you need to give us the trans code 01m jack is...
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    Those in need of an 01M Automatic Transmission

    There is at least one gas trans with a different 2nd gear and several with a different 4th. Would depend what code jack is selling. I also wouldn't be quick to dismiss tcm issues. It may only control the trans but there have been several renditions of 01m and not all are compatable. Im at work...
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    Those in need of an 01M Automatic Transmission

    I have personal experience on both jack and the 01m gas/diesel question. On the gears that is true to a degree that you only need to change a couple gears to achieve "tdi gearing".The question in my mind is will the computer see what it should see after it has been done,probably, but unsure...
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    I have never had a pump done by someone else but at the least it looks unprofessional!
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    To hone or leave alone?

    I ran grant rings, a medium stone and quickseat dry film on my last rebuild and it worked great! Within the first 1000 miles oil consumption had dropped back down and smoke dissipated!