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    Front strut bushing question

    does the bushing pull away, i take there not genuine if it does.
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    09a re and re

    the box is already out, undo the bell housing and replace, thats why they sell them as spares. i know i would, but its your box to do what you want.
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    09a re and re

    you should think about swapping the filter.
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    Pulling car... Again.

    theres clearly been a chimps tea party at the fitters with your car. maybe they lifted it not on the jack point, they screwed something to make you spend on a alignment.
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    Which tie rod brand to go with?

    imo, lemforder quality isn't what it was. but tie rod is just a straight bar though. see if name on them, probably trw?
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    Coolant loss and overheating, what's the solution?

    tiny flat specs of soot in coolant bottle? that you can see with naked eye.
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    Wandering/floating(?) at highway speeds after alignment

    FWIW + IMO if i were you maybe you should run over the techs foot as he/she is lazy for not getting it to 0 unless something is bent, the toe should be at or very close to 0, same setting both sides. IMO if not it will zig zag.
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    no they dont except for the rotor shield.
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    Worn down remote fobs

    acetone to melt rfid glue
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    easily stripped tb tensioner stud
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    those steel nuts are fine.
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    caliper carrier, aluminium suspension componants............
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    Green fluid

    post picture of where you drained it from, and pic of brake reservoir.
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    i would never angle tighten a bolt into shallow cast iron or any aluminium thread because after its done at first build it will pull the thread away next time out, only a steel nut is safe for tty in my opinion. tty must of been a cent cheaper then loctite for vw. vw want to sell new parts.