Portland, OR
2004 Jetta GLS Sedan Platinum Gray
VNT17 turbo, PowerPlus injectors, DieselKen exhaust, VXTuning HID's, Morimoto fogs, South Bend stage 2 clutch, Exor wheels, GLI black and brushed aluminum interior, Roadwire leather kit, Bilstein Sports, GLI sway bar and springs, TT brakes, MK5 AM/FM
Mods (cont.)
OEM HID leveling motor switch + wiring, illuminated shifter


All VW MK4 Jetta GLS TDI sedan modifications and links to tutorials:
Page covering 4Motion upgrade:
Gallery of 4Motion project:
Page covering upcoming conversion to entire PD150 engine bay:
(Will include OEM front-mounted intercooler, intake manifold, all hoses and piping, etc., and a Webasto coolant heater.)



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