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    Popping out of first 5 speed swap

    Finally got around to a 5 speed swap I had sitting in my shop for 5 months, and have run into this which is one of the last pieces of the puzzle. Put in first gear and even if I try and hold it in gear I give it some pedal it comes out. Does not happen in second or reverse though. Here is...
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    507 Oil in Calgary

    I got an email from MillerAG today and figured I would pass it on. I don't know if the price is competitive or not, but I figured I would pass it along. Good for the 09's TDi's.
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    Transmission Question

    So I am slowly getting started on whats going to be an MK2 ALH swap. As I gather parts I ran into a transmission and have a question about the ratio's. It's a 02A AGC I looked up the ratio's here CHA 3.778 2.118 1.360 1.090 .717...
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    Water Pump?

    Alright I am new to Passat's kinda, but not new to the tdi world. Long story short installed some Alligator tuning late last night and took the car out to try out the power. Power was great, but on the way home from my little trip I noticed I started losing heat and the temp gauge was going...
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    Upsolute Stage 2 + 3bar Map + BD ecu ;(

    Long story short got a 3bar map from a vendor on here for my brothers car and decided to put it in and get the boost up. The car is a 2000 Jetta, the ecu was an upsolute stage 2 BD chip, and of course the 3bar map had everything needed to make it work. Well of course we were put into limp...
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    Eurospec Flywheel problem

    Did a search and found nothing so I thought that I would post this. I was doing a clutch for a fellow tdi'er last night and ran into a problem I have never had before. The flywheel bolt pattern was off and of course would not match up with the crank. The two holes that are closer would work...
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    Random Oil light problem with Fix

    Ok, when I went looking for the answer to this I found nothing for the first little bit. There could be an answer deep in the forum, but its pretty deep in there. Problem, oil light just would come on at random. No reason, speed up, down, turn, it would come on for a bit, then leave for a...
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    BleachedBora Bargain Bin

    I just got put into a tight spot and needed a clutch, well an upgraded one. I was not planning on doing the clutch but I just replaced the engine and figured out I had no choice. Emailed Aaron and had a reply in 10 mins, and had the Dual Diaphram clutch kit ordered 30 mins later. The package...
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    Biodiesel in Calary Just saw, not associated in any way, a little pricey in my opinion, but would be willing to try maybe....
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    Gas VS Diesel Prices....

    Got to love the difference here in Calary right now, it makes for good "what are you paying per liter again to fill that truck" to the boss. :) It will turn around again, and I will be stepped on, so might as well take advantage of the situation as it is! Benjamin
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    Oil Filters FS CALGARY ONLY

    I work in a shop and today we got this flyer faxed to us with all these oil filters forsale. So I look and compare numbers as thats all they have on the paper, and notice the the Mahle TDi filter is on forsale for a good price. Now the catch was I can only order in packs of 10, but I don't...
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    2001 Golf TDi, Toronto, $8800

    Not mine, so don't ask me any questions, just found it and thought that somebody here might be looking, thats all. Benjamin
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    Speedometer Problem and fix

    Well I had this problem start up and go away for a bit and then come back. The speedo would go nuts, all over the range, die for a bit, then if I had my foot on the accelerater and was in the 4000 rpm range it would come back alive. I didn't drive the car much then because I didn't have it...
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    Alberta plates and TDIclub plate holder

    Ok, well I got the holder awhile ago, and just registered the car in Alberta and went to put on the holder, but noticed that I would be covering up the sticker a whole lot. Is this allowed, or do I have to modify the holder to show the sticker? I see trucks with the sticker covered from plate...
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    Winter Tires

    I just did a fun trip from Calgary AB, to Toronto Ont and happened to do the trip during all this snow that the Northern US and Ont happened to get. My time, with time change removes from the equation was 35 hours from start to finish, it was a little sleep, barely stop trip. What I did learn...