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    WTB: 2003 Golf Wheelcover

    Hi! I have one wheelcover that has a big chuck of paint chipped off of it. I would like to get a replacement (or 2) in excellent condition. Thanks.
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    N108 from "Sheer Hell" to "Real Swell"

    About a month ago, fivestring and I played around almost all weekend "fixing" a N108 valve to get rid of a 1269 code and restore his car's performance. This story is about the trials and tribulations of that fateful weekend. It was a wild ride to say the least. Unfortunately, there was little...
  3. Back end of turbo

    Back end of turbo

    Back end of the used turbcharger
  4. Blown A3 turbo

    Blown A3 turbo

    Blown A3 turbo
  5. New A3 turbo

    New A3 turbo

    New A3 turbo
  6. Broken piece from turbo

    Broken piece from turbo

    Projectile piece causing hole in airpipe
  7. Damage from blown turbo

    Damage from blown turbo

    Damage from blown turbo
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    Pulling wire through the car?

    Can someone please explain how wires get pulled through the car? I am planning to install a Cellport hands-free kit. I want to place the non-VW microphone in the factory location by the upper light, and, I am planning to install a Hirschmann hidden antenna that will go inside the back bumper...
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    WTB Mk III CD changer

    WTB CD changer for a friend as a surprise present. Car is a 98 Jetta. I would guess that it is an early 98 since it does not have ABS, thus it probably has the round plug.
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    Programming code

    This definitely gets the the stupid question award for tonight. The answer is I am sure NO but I'll ask anyway, don't laugh too hard. Is there any way to get the programming code, documentation, circuit schematics, etc. for the ECM and the other controllers, and instrument cluster?
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    ALH injection pump=no touchy?

    I see that Bentley says NO to taking the thing apart. Is this the real answer? I ask because I see that it contains a number of things I would think would be separately replacable: quantity adjuster, cold start injector, fuel temp, fuel shutoff, and modulating piston sensor. What gives?
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    TB breaks/then...?

    I hate mentioning it its like tempting fate. But, it does happen. I am wondering what the first response to it might be. First, it would seem that the first step would be to rotate the crank and cam by hand in sync and then check compression (or leakdown) to see if the head and valves are...
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    TDI humor

    ...well an attempt at it. I am often in awe of german engineering, as an example the ESP feature. Instead of laying on the horn or making a colorful gesture, all one needs to do is press the button to let the other guy know what he thinks. Even the symbol is cool - a warning triangle with an...
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    How does ECM work?

    Being new to TDI am I baffled by how it all works. I have Vag-Com, Bentley, etc. and I am able to understand separate components but I fail to see the big picture. From the wiring diagrams a lot of stuff goes to the ECM - then what? Here is what I gather the ECM does: It provides for security...
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    Primrose 5W-40 CI-4 oil?

    I came across this at the primrose web site. They give the patent number too, and I went to to read it. Seems like pretty awesome oil. Similar to Delvac 1 in a lot of ways, PAO with ester, a little ZDDP, high TBN, etc. Do any of the gurus have any comments on this stuff?