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    What's up with Gasbuddy wrong prices?

    There's a guy here who reports the diesel price as the regular gas price and it's at least 20 cents a litre higher.
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    Severely clouded headlights

    I use Mother's mag and alum polish on a 3" DA polisher at a low speed and it has worked very well on several cars. Followed by some AeroSpace 303 protectant and it last a couple of years.
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    Turbocharger bearing sizes for 2000 Beetle

    Whether it's a waste-gated turbo or a VNT doesn't matter. The shaft runs on axial and radial bearings. Here's a VNT rebuild video from YouTube for a VNT that has one large radial bearing and an axial bearing;
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    Turbocharger bearing sizes for 2000 Beetle

    Here is an article from BorgWarner; As you (and Nick) can see there are bearings. Axial and radial bearings.
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    Turbocharger bearing sizes for 2000 Beetle

    There are 2 brass journal bearings as well as a thrust plate also made of brass. Google "turbo journal bearings". All the basic OEM turbo's are built this way. More expensive turbos have ceramic or ball bearings. The CHRA (center housing rotating assembly) carries the journal and thrust...
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    Canadian Tuner

    Have you checked out this shop. It's in Guelph and is listed on Malone's website as a dealer. Maybe they can help you so it's not as expensive i.e. no rental fee. Probably a tuner or shop fee. EMT Tuning 7910 Hwy 7 East Guelph Ontario N1H-6H8 1 km east from Guelph Airport Canada Phone...
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    Vnt 17 rebuild?

    Have you checked the drain side of the turbo for obstructions like coked oil, sludge etc? The port in the turbo, the drain hose and the port on the block. This could cause the CHRA to be over-pressurized and blow oil out both sides (compressor and turbine).
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas.
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    Canadian prices for vnt17 from kermatdi

    I feel your pain. 2006 Golf BEW. I bought a Garrett VNT17, braided oil supply line and EGR pipe from Tunemyeuro and it was over 1600.00 CDN. I knew that going in. Exchange rates suck!!! Then you add shipping and duty charges.
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    zerostart / temro coolant heater selection

    Canadian Tire here in Ontario also carries the Temro Series 8000. I bought the 3308003 model which is the 1500 watt round bodied version with the removable plastic check valve. I forget what I paid. It says "thermostatically protected" but I believe that's just an over temp protection. Online...
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    New intake manifold and carbon cleaning advice on dealer costs

    Ask to see the intake ports of the head when they remove the intake. I bet you wont need a cleaning.
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    New VNT-17, Hickup's under load....

    I have an 06 Canadian Golf with a dead KP39. I have bought a new Garrett VNT17 from (AARodriguez) to install and eventually add some tuning to it. I was curious about the actuator travel mentioned above so I got out my vacuum tester. The actuator starts to move at 4 in.Hg and...
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    Bew turbo upgrade

    I just bought a VNT 17 (Garrett) from (AARodridguez). I also bought the EGR pipe that is specific to this turbo and the BEW engine (if you are still running the EGR) and a braided steel oil supply line kit that includes the fittings for the turbo and the block where the banjo...
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    BEW KP39 Turbo Question

    I believe it's a heat shield used to deflect the exhaust gas heat away from the turbine side of the center housing and the bearing located inside. It is loose until you install the centre section (CHRA) into the exhaust manifold.