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    Rust/Corrosion in Fuel System - Golf Sportwagen

    As an engineer, those were my thoughts exactly. Specifying materials based on potential failure modes, one of them being water contaminated fuel... I said that to VW customer service, too. But also as an engineer, I know full well that protecting against all failures is cost prohibitive, so...
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    Rust/Corrosion in Fuel System - Golf Sportwagen

    Agreed. I felt it was pretty fair, too after getting over the sticker shock of the repair. Just wanted to get some other opinions before accepting the offer.
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    Rust/Corrosion in Fuel System - Golf Sportwagen

    Here are the photos I have from the service technicians. I did push hard that this should be covered under the extended warranty, as it explicitly lists the entire fuel system as covered and it states conflicts concerning the warranty should be resolved in favor of the consumer. Problem...
  4. Fuel System Failure

    Fuel System Failure

    2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI S
  5. Fuel Filter Housing

    Fuel Filter Housing

    Rust and corrosion in housing and filter collapsed.
  6. Fuel Metering Valve

    Fuel Metering Valve

  7. Fuel Metering Valve

    Fuel Metering Valve

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    Rust/Corrosion in Fuel System - Golf Sportwagen

    I do not post very much in forums, but I have loved this community from the second I got my VW. My 2015 Golf Sportwagen has almost 58,000 miles and I have been diligent about all maintenance. I take her to the dealer for oil changes, but I do my own fuel filter, air filter, flushing brakes, etc...
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    Cold weather start below zero

    It will start, assuming battery is in good condition, and you've filled up somewhat recently. (As in it doesn't have summer/early fall fuel in it.) It was -6 degrees F in Western Mass this morning, and I had no issues at all, other than it just being brutally cold! Last year (or maybe 2 years...
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    Infotainment problems

    Hey everyone. Just following up on my radio. The new radio module came in a couple weeks ago but I didn't get around to replacing it until last week. It took about 2-2.5 hrs. I waited at the dealership doing work on my laptop. Problem appears to be fixed! Only little annoyance was having to deal...
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    Infotainment problems

    I have the flickering screen too. Just did the buyback on my 2015 Golf TDI S Manual and bought a new 2015 Golf Sportwagen S w/DSG. Couldn't pass up on the offer, as I was going to be upgrading the size of car in a year or two as I'll probably be starting a family then. The dealer said that...
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    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    I just put down a deposit on a 2015 Platinum Gray GSW S trim with DSG. I decided to do the buyback on my current 2015 Golf TDI w/manual. It comes at a convenient time. My fiancee and I are getting married in September, and this was a good compromise to have a vehicle with more cargo space and...
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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    Sosin, it really depends on the technical reasons that VW chose to include the cheat software on the EA288 US models. If the actual SCR catalyst that is used is undersized and the fix involves changing DPF/SCR catalyst, then yes you are right that the engine characteristics will change...
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    Extinging My Lease - Need time to repair car and see more details

    I'm not going to go into any details regarding the hail damage, your morals, etc. This isn't about that. What this is about is that you signed a lease agreement. You agreed to the buyout price, so you have no choice but to be ok with paying that, regardless of what the current value of the...
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    I own a 2015 Golf TDI 6MT. Frankly I don't think I'm being given the shaft at all. I bought my vehicle in June 2015. In that 13 months, I've put 30K miles on the car. I paid around 24K after taxes and registration for my vehicle. I think it was around 22K purchase price on the vehicle. My...