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  8. Baronvonbeeftip mk4 jetta

    Baronvonbeeftip mk4 jetta

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    ****SOLD****FS: 2005 MK4 Jetta BEW 5 speed(original) 2750$ located in New Orleans, Louisiana

    I guess I do need to upload some pictures because it’s not a wagon, haha. Either way it’s a strong start to a mk4 tdi.
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    ****SOLD****FS: 2005 MK4 Jetta BEW 5 speed(original) 2750$ located in New Orleans, Louisiana

    White on tan 180k It will need a TB in about 10k. Needs rear trailing arm bushings. Drives fine just makes annoying noises over bumps. No carpet and rough seats due to past sunroof leak. Original owner took out the carpet and never replaced. Dash is perfect and door cards are passable. Every...
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    Mk4 BEW ac evap drain line or plug?

    I just bought this car. The interior was already ripped out due to a leaking sunroof drain years ago. while messing around inside and running the ac I noticed it running a small stream from where the blower motor mounts to the firewall. Black plate with a foam gasket and it’scoming From where it...
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    Need a TDI mechanic in New Orleans

    Did you ever find anyone? Need the same thing and also in New Orleans.
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    Any tdi gurus in south louisiana?

    I’m going to get a bew this weekend probably and it’s over on a tb service and wanted the cam checked out for wear. I probably have all tools needed to do anything if it could be done at my house and I would gladly pay and supply the beer/bourbon. I’m very mechanically inclined but have never...
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    Mississippi Louisiana Alabama mechanic ?

    Any word on this? I’m about to buy a BEW that needs a tb and wanted the cam looked at and need someone close to new orleans