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    06 BRM Jetta ECM Replacement

    You better test voltage output at the ECM connector not only the CMP sensor... I agree about the engine harness most likely being the issue. They can cause lots of weird issues.
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    Water leak on RR floor board on Jetta

    Do not rule out the sunroof drains. Every single one I've ever messed with had compromised rear drains. The female coupler that connects to the ball socket on the sunroof drain is glued on to the drain tubing. That glue deteriorates and the rear drains leak. The only want to fix it is to cut the...
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    DMF mating transmission to engine tips ?

    "...and open up the very front edge of the female..." -Mdf45 (2020) Context is a funny thing.
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    best factory replacement radio 2006

    RCD330 plus from China.
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    Electrical cable voltage drops

    The alternator is a new Bosch reman. It puts out 14V or so 100% consistently. The issue is what voltage the battery was seeing.
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    1.9 TDi Engine removal - Wiring?

    I haven't had to pull a BRM before, but the engine harness should terminate at the ECM under the wiper cowl. You'll want to just disconnect things like the alternator wiring and glow plug harness but the main engine harness should have a large connector into the ECM.
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    Electrical cable voltage drops

    I checked the main ground and the 3 smaller ones under the air cleaner. They were all super clean for a 300k car. I may have found the issue. I was getting .40V drop between the alternator post and positive battery post. That is too much to me. I found a large drop on the red positive battery...
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    Electrical cable voltage drops

    Yea, the battery seems fine. I'm getting 13.80V across the charge post and alternator body and 13.30-13.40 across the battery posts.
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    Electrical cable voltage drops

    It's only a couple years old. Genuine VW battery. The car cranks over great cold.
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    Electrical cable voltage drops

    Hey all! I'm still fighting this code: 01598 - Drive Battery Voltage 000 - - Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01100000 Fault Priority: 2 Fault Frequency: 157 Reset counter: 17 Mileage: 178022 km Time Indication: 0 Freeze Frame: ON Voltage: 13.35 V ON ON OFF OFF ON It jumps the RPM to 1,050 or so...
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    01598 Drive Battery Voltage in BRM

    Hey fellas. I've seen this code before on another BRM. It causes an annoying 1,000+ rpm idle which makes the DSG slip a lot when starting from a stop. I've cured one before with a new alternator pulley. On my car now I'm getting this code but the belt is running silky smooth. I really hate...
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    Help Me Diagnose This Engine Noise!!!!!

    Rear main bearing? If you’re talking about the rear main seal, it’s a good thing you didn’t touch it. If you were to install a new one without the special tool you may have put it all back together and it may not have ran.
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    2006 evaporator core

    The AC is working like new again, finally. That was a big project. After replacing the evaporator core, RCV and expansion valve, I removed the lock carrier to replace the radiator, dryer cartridge, and clean the condenser. It was all worth it as it’s super hot in FL right now. No more...
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    Air Con Not Cold

    The ECON button turns the compressor off.
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    2012 Executive realistic price

    I held strong at $22k for this ‘12 Executive Touareg with brown leather and 27k miles. Someone bought it yesterday for between $23.5 and $24k. KBB private party value was $19,762. I thought CPO would add a couple thousand, but not $4k. I guess someone just fell in love with it and had to have...