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    What did you do to your car today?

    A week ago or so, was able to finally install the 1.8T spindles, brake calipers, and rotors. I have had them sitting on a shelf probably close to a year. I got them a the JY and cleaned them up and put a fresh coat of gold caliper paint. Resurfaces the rotors, put new seals on the calipers and...
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    New brakes
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    Should I or should I not? B7 Passat

    I’ve seen the 10-14s at around $9k
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    Should I or should I not? B7 Passat

    With some of these new posts, I think I have two major drawbacks: 1-being in California, and 2-warranty issues I think, it may not be my best option then. I'm not opposed to another manufacturer vehicle. I'm interested in having a comfortable daily driver with more room for my growing family...
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    Should I or should I not? B7 Passat

    Oh man! Lots to think about for sure! Those are not issues to take lightly whatsoever. I appreciate this input. The car seems to have reasonable mileage and interior still looks pristine. Price seems ok but with this info, I will need to keep my guard up. Thanks for this guys!
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    Should I or should I not? B7 Passat

    Hello everyone. So, I may be in the market for getting a TDI Passat and wanted to know what is the overall experience for these models? pros and cons. I have an MK4 ALH Jetta but I know nothing of Passats. are there any commons issues with engines, transmission, electrical, computer, etc. I...
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    Changing out coolant pipe seal

    Well, for the hard pipe, I actually tried both cause I ordered the wrong one first. On my 99, the one with the square profile did NOT let the pipe slide into the opening. So I had to reorder the one with the round profile. IdParts asks that you call them with your VIN to make sure you order the...
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    MKIV, Golf: Hard Coolant Pipe Leak

    Just make sure you use the right o-ring depending on your car. There are two different ones: Early A4 Late A4
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    Changing out coolant pipe seal

    Hate to resurrect this thread but oh boy!! this was a pain in the you know what!!!! Having a braided turbo line would have made this job much easier. Also, if you have a 99, make sure you use the right o-ring. I failed to check this and I had to wait until I received the right one. Here is the...
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    Turbo and components
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I was finally able to get to replacing my front driver lock module. Removal went well until I realized that the tab that runs along the top edge of the door card snapped off! Ugh! This was a JY find that repacked my original one which was super flappy after the same tab broke off. Now I have the...
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    Are 1.8T brakes a worthwhile upgrade?

    Yes you’re absolutely right on the front brake setup. I did get the knuckles and spindles. On the rear brakes, if I understand correctly, there is no difference in the setup between TDI and 1.8. Thanks for the explanation Rex! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk