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    free stuff for mkV

    I will message you.
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    free stuff for mkV

    I got rid of my mkV and I still have some stuff left over. I am giving it away. Cleaning out my garage. 1L of Castrol 507 oil Cabin filter lower grill covers and a few other items 5L jug of BIO diesel, (maybe 2L left) not sure if its still good. Fuel treatment stuff Message me if...
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    Flipped Battery

    My father in law had similar thing happen to his Accord. Outside of a blown fuse, which was fairly expensive one , around $80, nothing was damaged.
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    Bentley MKV manual for sale

    SOLD. Thank you all.
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    Bentley MKV manual for sale

    Guys, I traded in my 09 MKV Jetta Wagon TDI on a 2016 Touareg, and no longer have a need for a Bentley JETTA MKV - 09-2010 Manual. It is in an excellent shape. All pages intact. Lived in my bookcase for 6+ years. Asking $50 with shipping included. Feel free to email me:
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    2009 Jetta Sportwagon TDI - To own or not to own

    OP, if this car scares you, I would advise you not to buy it... BTW, you will also need to do a timing belt job around 120k which will be around $800 in parts and labor give or take. Its a big purchase and I would not want to have worries and fears hanging over my head when I drive the car...
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    For TDI S Owners, heated seats needed?

    in the mid-90 I had a Mustang with non-heated leather seats and I swore that i will never have a car with that feature missing.... I don't care if the seats are cooled, but heated is a must for me....
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    2015 GSW TDI S 6M hunt

    I think many folks got 3500-5000 off MSRP. It probably depends on your location too. Just browsing my dealers online inventory shows $3500 off msrp without even asking... I am guessing there is room for negotiation.
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    Electrical Gremlins - looking for help

    My panel looks a a little different with no fuses/labels , but in your picture it would be an 80 amp. Perhaps due to date of manufacture been different. Mine was build in 02/09.
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    Electrical Gremlins - looking for help

    if you are looking at the fusebox/breakout panel from the front of the car, it would be the 5th from the left.
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    2010 VW Jetta Randomly shut off

    You do know that these TDI cars don't have spark plugs? :confused: You really need to get a scan of the codes to see what might be wrong. It might be bad fuel also.. You may also want to try changing a fuel filter... Just an idea.
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    Electrical Gremlins - looking for help

    After a few months and a couple of occurrences of my car "locking" itself up I found the source of all my issues... I had a loose wire on the fuse box in the engine bay, that would wreck havoc on my electronics and CAN-BUS. It got so bad that at times I could not even connect with VCDS. Thank...
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    2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI for sale (16,500)-Spokane WA area

    Just a tip.. you may want to post some pics. I think your pricing is a bit high.
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    How many miles are you getting on brakes and rotars

    Just changed my rear pads and rotors resurfaced at 68k.
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    Reasonably priced Diagnostic tool

    Not sure about Canada, but many auto stores in US can do a free scan and let you know what the codes are.