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  1. 2015 Jetta Sport

    2015 Jetta Sport

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    Happy Birthday Canada

    Yes happy birthday Canada!!
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    I guess it depends on how they're being driven. For example my father in laws 2009 E320 CDI/Bluetec [no adblue] model same engine went into limp mode a year after he retired and car was used by a family member back and forth to go station less then 10 kms a day. Independent mechanic charged...
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    Yes very general information. Better I go see "someone" in person.
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    Key Fob Touareg

    I believe dealer only, for our wagon we had to wait for a replacement that dealer ordered came from germany, its vehicle VIN specific and then is programmed once received by the dealer. It was a warranty issue so didn't pay for it but was told it can be between $200 and $300.
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    Haha thanks, sorry the car payment free feeling is too good for a change so..... mrrhtuner, yes it has the pre scr i.e no adblue dpf system... redneckdzl, 50% highway 50% short haul, even highway is stop and go for me Mississauga to Markham and back so.... So tempted to do delete and tune if...
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    Mazda CX5 Diesel coming this fall

    Test drove the XE R-Sport same engine as the F-Pace, very impressive but $70,000 :eek::eek:
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    Ok so Jetta going to the new owner tomorrow. Meaning I'll be using the Jeep on a daily basis, it has been reconditioned and running good. At 275k kms it now has no problems. I need advice on what proactive preventive maintenance can I do to ensure this diesel is free of emission/oil/soot...
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    From 866 to 164 km per week.

    Been doing Mississauga to Markham and back since 2001 :-( everything is numb now don't feel anything anymore. As they say when the _____ is inevitable just relax and enjoy can leave for the day but no point will browse the www for another hour and head out...
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    Had Phase 1 done today, 6/19/17

    Good to know, thanks for sharing. I'm taking my wife's sportwagen with 6 speed manual for the first fix on June 28th. The results might be different as the ECU programming on manual vs dsg and passat vs Golf is different, I'm told. Is this correct or they're all the same??
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    Truck load of TDIs heading east on the QEW

    Yes Brian, its more like heresay...
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    Truck load of TDIs heading east on the QEW

    90 - 14 depending on mileage will be sold overseas NOT europe, I was told by sales guy at my dealership.
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    VW Canada Settlement - $2.1 Billion

    Yes anyone can sign as a witness, I signed for my wife's wagon and uploaded yesterday haven't heard back yet. Keep in mind he had his car software fix done before the claims process started. Our case is different so will take longer. Once all approved we will have to take our cars into the...
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    VW Canada Settlement - $2.1 Billion

    Yes if anyone is opting to keep their car they only get damages payment in 2 installments $3500 with first fix and $3500 in 2018 when recalled for hardware that is second fix. In total $7000 as damages payment. Buyback option is where the price of the car and $7000 on top of it. And to my...
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    First fix ???

    I would call the dealer first, for our wagon I called the dealer and he said they would do the fix if claims process had not started, now that claims portal is up and started everything has to go through claim administrators. Your claim will be impacted if you do it now, we have to follow...