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    MK7 LED tails

    Selling my LED tails with rear fog. Asking $375 shipped. Thanks!
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    Neuspeed P Flo intake

    I know I won't get any gains, but I'm reading that it sounds amazing on our cars. Has anyone installed one? Thanks!!
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    Skid plate available for TDI through ECS

    $212 shipped is not bad.
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    Idle question

    Hey all, My car idles at 1k all the time. In park, a/c on and off, also at a stop while in drive. Is this normal?
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    This is interesting...

    Flame on. Lol
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    Hidden Hitch for Golf install

    So I got my hidden hitch today and went straight to my dads house to install. (He's got all the cool tools) Looks just like the pictures. The instructions say to take off the bumper. Scratch that. You can get it with just removing the rear valance. Now mind you, I have the GTI exhaust and...
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    My 15 TDI SEL DSG

    Love this car. And I'm still not done with it. Enjoy! Euro Electric folding mirrors Euro switch Euro LED tails with rear fog LED front blinkers Front clear bra GTI exhaust with faux APR tips Gauge sweep VCDS Window close when raining VCDS Window close with fob VCDS Fob activated while car is...
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    Swapping your TDI exhaust for a GTI one? Get in here!!!

    So in light of making my already rare TDI that much more rare, I finally got the GTI exhaust put on. Granted, after all said and done, I could've saved a little coin going with a custom set up but I was concerned about warranty blah blah blah. Now on to the good stuff. After I put a bullet in...
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    Sorry for this noob question....

    Do TDIs have an intercooler? Like something that's able to be changed out or whatever?
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    I want DSG fart!

    Think it's possible for the TDI?
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    What bulb is used in the fog light on the 2015 Golfs?

    The dealer can't even tell me what bulb is used in there. Thanks.
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    Without further ado...

    She arrived at the dealer yesterday. TDI SEL DSG quartz gray interior with lighting package. I'm stuck at work and My dealer is not open on Sundays so I don't get her till Monday afternoon. I will post more pics then.
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    My check engine light came on and guess what...

    My dealership can't find the problem. They say it seems that it has something to do with the EGR or the particulate filter but when they test both it comes up that they are working properly. And they don't want to just start replacing parts because its a warrany issue and they have to show...
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    WTB: Mk6 LED tails

    Let me know if you want to sell yours! Thanks.
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    Temperature adjustment not working correctly

    Since it's getting cold outside here in AZ, I had to use my heater last night and then of course this morning on my way to work. So last night, after I started my car, I turned the knob all the way to heat and fan 1. It was a short drive, but it warmed up a bit as I was pulling into the hood...