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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    so it finally happened. had an attendant fill my tdi with regular gas -_-. i pulled up to the diesel pump(but it was one of those dual hose pumps that does both) handed him my card and said "fill it diesel" and went inside the store to use the bathroom. came back out and the car was all filled...
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    advice on golf wagon

    yes they're buybacks, yes they're fixed, yes they have a warranty, and yes any tune will void the warranty. and they will come with the extended warranty paperwork
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    Looking for a less "mushy" brake feel...

    usually a master cylinder brace eliminates that mushy feel as well
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    I bought a TDI. 5 minutes later and it would not start. Now it won't even crank.

    usually when you turn the key and nothing happens its the starter? I just had to replace mine a few months ago on my 2011 around 100k miles
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    AC Hot/cold issue

    have you had it tested? also something stupid, but have you ever changed the cabin filter? could be clogged up
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    P2002 and P0401...what do I do?

    those parts are covered under the extended emissions warranty
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    Fuel filter change 2014 Jetta TDI wagen

    I've been driving manual my entire life and I absolutely love hill holder [emoji1745]
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    Fuel filter change 2014 Jetta TDI wagen

    yeah I've done mine twice with no issue besides the mess
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    What should I be looking for when buying a "fixed" MK6 wagon?

    I love my sunroof, but the shade was already broken when I bought mine so when I got the widows tinted I had them tint the sunroof too
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    What should I be looking for when buying a "fixed" MK6 wagon?

    mine sat for like a year and a half I think and its been fine [emoji1745]
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    What did you do to your MKVI-A6 ~2010-2014 Golf family inc Jetta SportWagen Today?

    installed the euro short throw shifter yesterday. what a difference
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    2012 Sportwgen TDI - trouble starting

    could be the starter, could be the starter switch
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    2013 JSW TDI turbo failing...?

    I forget which company it is, but one of them makes a "first gear finder" shifter upgrade for this reason
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    2013 JSW TDI turbo failing...?

    yeah its been talked about in other threads on this board, but diesels are made to be driven hard. if you baby them you just clog up the system. especially the emissions system with soot. gotta run it hot and blow it out