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    Used but only just Evolution Skidplate

    Hey Selling off this as it looks like this car may be heading to the garage in the sky. It was installed new only 2 weeks ago, no damage at all. it is a no drain hole unit. $250 This is off one of my private owned cars and would not be considered an item sold by...
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    Joey Mod Mk4 Golf headlights

    Hey Ive had these for a while got them in another part swap. Looking for around $130 for the set. They are Stock GTI headlights with the fog projectors in the cluster. good looking lights. Local pickup/drop off only not interested in shipping. this is a personal sale item and no...
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    Stock Parts and instock items from

    Hey guys I have have some stock collecting dust here. Free delivery around the lowermainland. Diesel Power DIGI PD $699.00 (For 04+ BEW TDI) Diesel Power TPC $319 Diesel Power DIGI CR $649.00 (For Smart car or Mercedes motors) Evolution Imports Skid plates $270-290 (for MK4 with or...
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    Vancouver Snowplows!!

    post em up, any one else snow plowin today? Yeah I know we only got a few inches but its still fun to go play outside
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    **Vancouver BC** FS 05 Golf Estate TDI

    05 Golf Estate TDI (Jetta Wagon with a Golf GTI front end) I am selling only because I am going back to school and can not afford the car and time off work. 75oookms 05 Jetta Wagon TDI black on black leather, 5spd manual transmission, 2 sets of wheels (15"winter steels and 16" summer...
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    Arrowsmith Diesel Performance (Vancouver/West Coast) is now a registered retailer of Digi Tuners. Available in Nanaimo or West Vancouver from our two sales representatives. Digi Z for 96-03 TDI's $459.99 Digi PD for 04-06 PD TDI's $699.99 email for details. Cheers Erik AFE, Bosch, Mahle...
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    99 1/2 Jetta TDI (++MODS) $12000 cdn Whistler

    Hey I just found this on Craigslist, looks pretty decent... I was supprised to see it there and not on here. Jetta tdi 99.5 (140-160 whp) -5 spd rebuilt transmission (8000km) -forest green -Body has 280 xxx km and the engine around 150 000 km -17`` audi TT wheels with new tires (8000km)...
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    Arrowsmith Diesel Fall service kits special present its Fall Service Parts Special. MK4 TDI Oil,Fuel,Air,Cabin Filter $92.00 with Elf Oil for youre 16000km drain interval. $130.00. Free delivery in the Vancouver Area. Otherwise plus shipping and applicable taxes. Can do in youre driveway no mess oil...
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    Anyone interested in Importing TDI Audi into Canada?

    Hey I have been reading the rules on imports into Canada and really bringing newer Audi's should be a piece of cake. Further to that the reserved prices on ebay motors is pretty decent for Quattro 6spd "S" line TDI's some are even LHD from Spain. $22000 CDN plus importer fee's is Very decent...
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    **Vancouver** 86 Jetta TD $4200

    Hey selling for a customer that has gone to Japanese diesels. 86 Jetta white no damage or visible rust 4dr 5spd sunroof, 50ltr tank 850-900 a tank. Here is whats new in past 2months... Tires, brakes, altinator, exhaust, windshield(still needs to be installed) 262000kms runs strong. Its got a...
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    15" golf wheels 5x100 $250 firm

    Hey I need these gone this week, $250 firm local pickup. 15" 5x100 from an 03 golf. Have very minor rash on edge but are good from far. Have been running them on my Estate for past year, now going to different wheel/tire dont need anymore and they are in the way. You get them with tires...
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    North Vancouver Canada White MK4 GTD

    Hey was sitting at the star$$ on W3rd in North Van the other day and noticed a White 2 door with black rub strips, and a TDIclub plate cover up front. Then when it pulled away I noted the badge on the back? GTD Who are you cause youre car RULES!!
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    Vancouver Canada

    Hey I spotted a Reflex Silver Bora today on Highway 1 Near Hastings overpass. Its badge on the back said 2.0TDI (red i) other than lowered a bit it looked pretty stock. Anyone no who this is ??
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    Golf Estate MTB edition

    Riding season has kicked in full force figured I snap a few on the roof of the Estate.
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    Attended the Vancouver Auto show today

    Hey I figured I would report my reflections on the Vancouver International Auto Show, which I attended with my business partner today. First off my likes and best of show (for what its worth) I am excited about what is to come from VW they had a few of the new Jetta and Passat Wagons on...