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    Info on my strange fuel economy issues.

    I deliver pizza in the car so 35 is within reason to me. I know before with my other tune it got a couple more mpg. Involves pulling the dash and tossing those chips back in tho. I suspect it may get 38 or so than.
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    Info on my strange fuel economy issues.

    I knew that but the alignment always came out good. It was taking almost the whole weight of the front of the car to pop it loose than throw it way off. I was getting about 25m our of a set of tires before the inside wore and I was lifted so I figured it was a side effect of that.
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    Info on my strange fuel economy issues.

    So those who have been around for a while will remember my posts. I sorta gave up and just settled I was going to get 30mpg no matter what in my car. Well about 3 months back I looked at the tire and the whole inside got eaten up very quickly. Whole front suspension besides inner tie rods had...
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    Strange ccv issue I believe.

    So my old ccv was original as far as I know and it was blowing past the rubber grommet. So I put a new aftermarket one on and I don’t have anymore oil on top the valve cover coming from it. But I got the front main seal replaced and it started leaking bad. They replaced it again this time with a...
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    It’s not the fan that dies. The low speed resistor in the fan is too small. Vw designed it wrong and nobody ever put a larger resistor to handle it.
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Turned out to be the fcm. In vw fashion my car has something strange that nobody else has so I’m stuck with a Chinese replacement. Too bad I can’t change the connector for this one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fan control switch questions.

    First, can this cause the compressor to turn on and the fans not to turn on low speed? Fans are tested and work on low when jumped out. Second, does anyone have some instructions on how to test the switch itself? Or is it just a open closed internally based on temperature. Sent from my...
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Just a small update. Found out both of my low speed fans (VDO) are shot again. Going to mess with them some tomorrow, been hearing a weird electrical sound so I guess it was one of the fans going.
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    **Bad VW part vendor WARNING list**

    Was laying in bed thinking about this dude. Since he is very good at finding cheap stuff in China for our cars. Why the hell doesn’t he get us some beetle door panels made? Cheap Chinese plastics can’t be any worse than what vw makes them out of. And I’d be fine paying him $150. I’m sure many...
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    Brake Booster or Master Cylinder?

    Just want to mention this one. Vw has a new set (booster and master) that has replaced all previous revisions. The bolt pattern between master and booster has changed which is why it comes as a full set with the tank. I paid $260 for everything. This isn’t much more than autoparts store remans...
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    New beetle tire size question.

    What do you guys use for oversized tires that work well? Looking at 215 75 r15 vs the stock ones. Car has about 1.4inch of lift as well. Just trying to figure out what can fit for some tires with a hefty sidewall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Low power and missing under load...

    Under normal driving and minor missing barely any smoke. If you give it some more gas it try’s to go and starts to smoke a lot more. They said something about mechanical wear causing the pump timing to go off which I guess injecting at the wrong time can cause. Someone who better understands...
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    Where to buy a VE pump currently...

    Just a note for those who may come across this post. Found out after my pump shipped. Rock auto has the same Bosch pump for $925 :(. Guess thats my luck since I always forget they sell Bosch and denso products.
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    Annoying front suspension noise

    I had a slight clunk on rare occasion on mine. I think it’s down to inner tie rods for me. Everything else already got replaced. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where to buy a VE pump currently...

    How long ago was this?