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    MK7 VWR springs/vent pod/wheels/lights

    they were awesome. Made the car look 100 times better without the wheel gap. on smoother roads the ride was almost stock feeling, handling felt better since the feedback was more direct. Rough roads would hit a bit but this is true with any shortened suspension. Installation is about 3...
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    MK7 VWR springs/vent pod/wheels/lights

    selling my car, going back to stock. Have the following parts for sale. All items are located in Charlotte NC. VWR springs (for non IRS TDI) 20k miles on them. $150 Enkei Raijin wheels 18x8 5x112 + Nexen N5000 tires 235/40/18. 10k miles on them $700 Newsouth performance ventpod. Held...
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    Eagerly waiting to see what you do here. Looks very exciting. I'm dreaming of a CR190 turbo now. I have no experience with AWIC intercooler modifications, but I bet that a larger volume of fluid in that system (bigger tank) and faster flow of fluid would make a more efficient unit without...
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    Free MT6 wonder mod: OEM bleeder delay removal

    thanks for posting that. I'll be trying this in January when my car goes under the knife for mods. I find that if I'm making a quick off the line start sometimes my clutch release doesn't exactly match my foot movement. I installed a pedal spacer which helped a little bit but I am thinking...
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    NewSouth VentPod Boost Gauge Install

    Nice write up. I didn't want to drill a hole in my intake as well as wanted to read post intercooler boost so I installed my line in the little hose at the top of this picture. I only read 24psi max, guessing either there's decent pressure drop across the intercooler or our gauges aren't...
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    Milltek Performance Exhaust Systems | VW MK7 Golf TDI

    I wish you well, I'd like exhaust options myself. Check out this video if the above picture doesn't make sense. 14:06 is the start of the exhaust area.
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    Milltek Performance Exhaust Systems | VW MK7 Golf TDI

    the milltek website has the same kit part # listed for the GTD. Looking at the ECS pictures of the pipes themselves, these won't fit the DEF/torsion beam cars. I hope I'm wrong here. it appears based on the pics that the kit...
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    Maybe that's why they tried to sell me the same car as Keffer for $4k more, gotta pay the large note on the fancy building. Don't get pulled in by the big shine, that makes no difference to the product they sell.
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    Comparing VW dealer accessory prices

    I found my local dealer has good prices for stuff, however I haven't shopped there since deutsche auto parts is also down the street. I'll spend my $500 with the dealer on service stuff for my fleet, sorry Paul.
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    I find this topic very interesting and I'm going to wait before taking my '15 golf in for a recall when it comes out. I'd like to give VW the benefit of the doubt on these accusations of a defeat device. Since I'm a programmer, I'm going to put myself in their shoes for a minute and write a...
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    How to tell if your TDI is in regen

    you can monitor the cat temps with any obd based tools. I use an ultragauge to know when I'm in regen. In the summer with AC on it's hard to tell based on idle & fans.
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    Shorter clutch stop for the Mk7?

    that was the first mod I did to my car. I love it.
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    Seatbelt light and chime...

    mine would come on sometimes with a heavy object in the passenger's seat. I just coded it out in VCDS so no worries.
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    rattling noise around 2000 rpm

    yup... looked tonight and there's a few joints of plastic there.