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    109 relay symptoms

    Wow! I'm glad the info I posted was helpful. Thanks very much for sharing your work and findings. Honestly, I never realized that the 109 Relay gets hot. Actually, I've never given it any thought. But, considering that relay is prone to fail, likely heat is the primary contributing factor...
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    Wiring to the AC compressor?

    If I am not mistaken, the 98 thru 04s are basically the same. There are a number of things that can cause the AC Compressor to not kick-in. -Low on refrigerant -Bad Fan Control Module (FCM) -Fuse (seems there is one, but maybe not on the 1998 NB) -Broken wire to the AC Compressor -Bad AC...
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    DSG service

    I've changed the ATF on several different VW models. The amount you drain out is about the best way to go in my opinion. There is a YouTube by Corey at IDParts changing the fluid. He basically uses the amount removed method, but does use VCDS. I suggest that you do some YouTube University...
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    99 1.9 high pressure pump rebuild Need help to many cooks in the kitchen

    Obviously, I am the one you are going to ignore! ......... LOL Newbies generally need some detailed info! That was my contribution which is consistent with what I've done here for almost 20 years. I'm not sure what the contradictions are in my comments. How did you Prime the IP thru the...
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    99 1.9 high pressure pump rebuild Need help to many cooks in the kitchen

    First, considering the complete unit (Injection Pump) has been removed and replaced, the physical timing needs to be confirmed. If the proper tools were not used or extreme precaution used with basic tools and other means, the engine could be out of time at the Cam and Crankshaft as well as the...
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    TDI engine adaptor kits

    The bell housing end bolt pattern on a VW in-line 4-cylinder engines is the same from 1974 thru 2006. And, if what BurPod said ^^^^ up there is true, apparently it is the same with the CR TDI engines as well.
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    New injector new filter?

    I wish I had purchased stock in Fuel Filter Companies years ago .................. The fuel filter doesn't catch "particles" then just dump them. When you are changing injectors do you really touch the filter? No, because it's over there mounted next to the fender,,,,,,, just sitting there...
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    Coolant sensor clip help: I feel stupid

    Did you get the old O-ring out? ..................... very important that you remove it!~
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    '03 TDI cam shaft position sensor

    This is not a fuel filter issue........ period! Wasting time! If there are air bubbles in the clear hose from the filter over to the Injection Pump (IP) it is likely the fuel filter change has been botched. Never use starting fluid on a TDI engine ... period. As for a proper scan tool...
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    Fuel Contamination

    Doesn't appear to be a bad or contaminated fuel issue to me. Neither would cause all those codes or even one of them. The mechanic should have drained the Fuel Filter into a clear container to inspect for water. If it had been loaded with water, then, yes, maybe that would explain some of the...
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    How to check n75 valve?

    Jdmacedin hasn't visited here since August 13, 2021 ........... Put your cursor over the OPs avatar and you can see the last time he visited..
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    SOS! Does anyone know what this part is called?

    After watching the video over and over, I believe the smoke come out of Intake Ports #2 or #3 (or both) which likely is due to the valve(s) not seating properly as I previously stated! The ALH engine rocks!
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    SOS! Does anyone know what this part is called?

    That's awesome .......... I assume the smoke blew out the Intake Ports due to the Valves not fully seating at first. Or, did you remove the Exhaust Manifold/Turbo assembly? It doesn't do any harm to run the engine with the Intake off or the Exhaust Manifold off. I remember 50 years ago when...
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    SOS! Does anyone know what this part is called?

    Clean the Intake Manifold.......... lots of debating on the best method. -Burn it out -Chemicals -Chemicals, brushing, etc -Boil it I made a cover to bolt onto the EGR end. Then, lay it down so it can be filled with Awesome.......... let it soak and soak. I also put gravels inside and shook...
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    BRM PD100 into a '77 Westfalia

    Chris, make sure everything (everything) is grounded really good! Seems in the wiring bundle there is a brown ground wire for the ECU ...... ground it away from the ground wire for the Starter .......... very important. (You cannot over-ground anything when it comes to these older VWs) Using...