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    Value of VCDS HEX CAN cable?

    This cable has been sold, thanks to those who gave meaningful contributions. Mods, feel free to delete the thread.
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    Value of VCDS HEX CAN cable?

    Chill out mate. First, it's a choice not a necessity to register it. These cables are fully functional without being registered. Second, your message is a bit agressive, has this place descended to the likes of FB groups? I did manage to find a local buyer, and had several solid offers on this...
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    Value of VCDS HEX CAN cable?

    Thanks for the honest input. Posted locally and on here, sale is pending.
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    Value of VCDS HEX CAN cable?

    Logging in for the first time in quite a while, I moved from TDi to a MK7.5 2018 Golf R in 2019 and recently moved my wife in to a 2019 Tiguan R-Line. I have an authentic Ross Tech HEX CAN interface, one of the nice unlimited VIN models. It works with the majority of modules on my Golf R, but...
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    2013 VW Golf TDi Highline - St. John's, NL, Canada

    Climatronic (dual zone) was the standard equipment in the Golf Highline (think that's SEL south of the border) in 2013. Lower trim levels came with manual. The MK6 Jetta though did have the manual controls as far as I know, including the Highline/SEL model. Here's the Golf brochure for Canada...
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    2013 VW Golf TDi Highline - St. John's, NL, Canada

    Thanks, replied earlier today.
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    2013 Golf TDi Highline

    Planning to move on from my 13 Golf TDi Highline sometime this year. Anyone looking for a car? Here's the specs: 2013 VW Golf TDi Highline w/135,000 km. Basic Specs: 5 door 2.0 CR TDi Diesel engine Highline model Leather seats (heated) Steering wheel controls RCD330 headunit (Bluetooth...
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    Anyone looking for a TDi?

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    Newfoundland tdi'ers or Volkswagen Lovers of Newfoundland on Facebook.
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    Goodwill Card Dealer for sale (white)

    My local dealer told me if I sold it they would not accept it if someone else tried to use it. But they are a bunch of wankers. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
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    St. John's, Honest Independent Mechanics?

    I don't have much advice to offer, but the labour rate scene here has gone through the roof in recent years. I use Jacks Auto in Paradise when I have to use a mechanic. I do most of my own work though aside from balancing tires.
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    2.0 TDI CR170 Stage 3 Kit

    I'm picking up a 2013 Golf TDi w/6MT this week, moving up from a Stage 4 MKIV Jetta. Malone's website says that a clutch upgrade is needed for a Stage 3, Ken is this the case or will it hold in your experience? Sorry for threadbombing, best of luck with the install. A buddy of mine did it with...