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    Not Needed Anymore

    PM'd you.
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    Auto parts cleaning services in the GTA

    Yes that's what I thought too. I've called our club's friend Perjad at Precision about the situation. He's provided me a reasonable estimate to clean and install my original OEM one. I'll be getting it done soon. Thanks.
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    Auto parts cleaning services in the GTA

    Yes Adam, I have ;). I remember that you used a torch to burn out the deposits in the intake manifold. I can't remember how the EGR valve body was cleaned. It's this part that I want to get cleaned out. The replacement that I bought was cheap and not OEM. After some use, it now leaks the black...
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    MK4 Skid Plates - Which works best for you?

    Yes Precision Tuning still had a few of those in stock the last time I was in that shop.
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    Auto parts cleaning services in the GTA

    Thanks, I'm sure he will, but his services are not cheap either. :sneaky:
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    Southern Ontario Mechanic Reviews Thread

    Cobourg Quick Service 8 Strathy Road Cobourg ON K9A 5J7 Office: 905.372.2215 It's about 30-40 minutes east from you. A few local members have got their timing belts done there and recommended it. I think they're now operating inside an OK Tire shop but all the techs are the same. Another...
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    Back in a VW....sort of

    Wow, yes certainly looks like that they cheaped out in an attempt to keep the MK4 platform cars still alive :rolleyes:...
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    Auto parts cleaning services in the GTA

    Thanks for sharing. I called them. The quote for cleaning that I got is almost the price of a new one. :sneaky:
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    Door switch fix...

    Hi John, I have this issue in both doors on my drivers side. I have been unlocking/locking the drivers side front door manually, got used to it now. How much is the part including shipping? A mechanic even offered me the drivers side front door lock mechanism for free, but I declined it. I feel...
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    FS/FREE small assorted ALH/mk4 parts (VE/A4, mostly engine-related)

    Do you still have the "EGR valve, 038131501E"? PM'd you as well.
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    Auto parts cleaning services in the GTA

    Anyone know of any shops in the GTA that will clean out the EGR valve body and intake manifold? I have the dirty ones off my car as spares. I've cleaned an intake myself recently and it's very messy, so just want to see if there are any shops that can do it. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Official Ontario stuff for sale thread

    A member is looking for these:
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    Anybody have a set of Le Castellet wheels (in decent shape) they'd part with?

    It's your lucky day, a member in Brooklin is giving the exact ones away, check page 2, post #32 in this thread: I believe you're in Brooklin as well. Hope you're able to get them before he tosses them...
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    Ontario Karma thread

    - Calipers - are these front or rear or both? - Injection Pump is it tested/working? - Truck jack - is it the factory one? How much donation would you like for these items? Thanks.
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    I know its the wrong spot...but who has mk4 goodies they want to sell :)

    I have the following for an ALH: - TRW rear brake caliper, drivers side, brand new in box. - Intake manifold and egr from my ALH that I had replaced recently. They need to be cleaned. In case you want those to be replaced with minimal downtime. PM me if you're interested.