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    thermostatic T question.

    Problem solved ,it was that t valve, i replaced it and the car stopped all the weird noises lol,so the problem can be fixed by changing the fuel filter housing cap , the t valve is not available for this type of fuel filter.
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    thermostatic T question.

    That’s a broken one that i teared down
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    thermostatic T question.

    I sent a picture of the fuel filter from google
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    thermostatic T question.

    Hi there, i think am witnessing a problem in that tee valve, i have a strange noise coming from hpfp after the engine warm up , no noises when starting cold , and the noise is pretty clear when driving up hill, this started after changing the fuel filter housing by a used one after i broke the...
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    Help diagnosing a P0087

    Thanks for that thread , i think am having the same problem, but mine seems to be coming from the check valve stuck on the fuel filter housing which allows the fuel from injector return line to be back to hpfp at first start in the morning but after warming up ,fuel temperature becomes to high...
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    Noisy ticking idle only when warm

    I have an issue that i tried to figure out but couldn’t, it’s 2.0 tdi cr engine , 140 hp CLCB start quiet in morning there nos power loss drives perfect but after driving for a long distance the idle become noisy and i couldn’t find from that ticking noise come , the car still drive fine even...
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    Fuel filter check valve bad. What happens?

    Thanks for your feedback i appreciate, the symptoms i have are , ticking noise only when engine reach operating temperature and rattling when going up hill , so i thought you had the same symptoms. May be having another problem , i can’t figure it out
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    Noisy idle after engine warming up

    Hi all, i have something that i tried to figure out but unfortunately couldn’t get to it , i hope someone can give me some help, my engine is 2.0 tdi cr ,140 hp ,a CLCB engine, starts easily whith no noise no loss of power , after driving for a long distance or up hill it starts making a...