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    Which dmf 126 or 181

    Going to reply here as I think there needs to be some clarity to this subject. I just replaced my flywheel last night and I ordered both the DMF126 and DMF181 just in case. ETKA/Partslink both confirm that my VIN needs the 181. As mentioned above, I can confirm that starter ring teeth is 129 on...
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    How To: Common Rail Timing Belt Procedure

    +1. Anyone have the document by chance?
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Type of VAG-COM available: HEX-USB+CAN Zip Code: 12304 email: amdathlon1080 at yahoo
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Not sure if this is any good to anyone but I have a full MFA cluster from my 2010 Jetta TDI in full working order. If anyone is interested please let me know.
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    FS: RNS510-E Navigation unit and 9W7 bluetooth w/harness

    Hello All, I am trading in my beloved Golf R tomorrow and am planning on selling off some of its extra add-ons. Up for sale is one of my favorite additions to the car, the RNS-510. This is the larger screened, DVD playing high end model which includes Sirius Travel link (fuel prices, weather...
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    New wheels for the TDI

    No spacers at all, just ET42. Pretty much perfect offset for a MK5 in my opinion. Thanks guys! Making me miss the car!
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    2010 Jetta Sedan CECM

    Do any of you guys have the stock CECM you'd be willing to sell?
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    FS/FT: 2012 Jetta TDI Premium

    My girlfriend really loves her Jetta however she originally wanted to buy an A3 TDI. The price was a bit out of budget for new, so the Jetta fit well. We're looking to sell her 2012 Jetta TDI sedan or trade it for an 2010-2012 A3 TDI as their prices are reasonable now pre-owned. Details...
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    2012 Audi A3 TDI Premium Plus for sale or trade

    Wow, SO close!!! My girlfriend wants an A3 TDI BAD and is currently in a 2012 Jetta TDI sedan in Candy white. She wants exactly your car except the only problem is your car is tan interior which "makes her sick" lol. Best of luck with the sale/trade though!
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    HowTo: OEM Bi-Xenon/OEM Fog Lights/CECM Upgrade/LED Euro Tails in a 2010 Jetta Sedan

    Old, but I figure I would post here:
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    stick with G52 in your tranny - here's why...

    I skimmed through this thread for a good 45mins and hadn't seen my specific question. Can anyone comment on backward compatibility? Would running G005000 in my transmission that calls for G052911A2 be ok (without damage)? Only reason I ask is because I have three brand new containers of G50...
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    HowTo: OEM Bi-Xenon/OEM Fog Lights/CECM Upgrade/LED Euro Tails in a 2010 Jetta Sedan

    The reverse light (only one with Euro tails) is still fairly weak even with an LED tower type bulb. Though my windows were all tinted so they were probably worse yet for me.