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    Steering gets more aggressive after turning the wheel slightly

    ^^Good suggestions It feels like what you would expect bad bushings to cause, but there is no noticeable clunk or noises of any kind when it 'shifts'. The easiest thing to do would be to to replace the bushings, and I do have a poly set on the way. I hope it doesn't come down to a new rack $$$
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    Steering gets more aggressive after turning the wheel slightly

    Tires were new about 2 weeks before the suspension components. I always inflate to what the sticker says All suspension bushings have been replaced. I got the alignment done at a general tire shop originally, then verified at NGP, a VW/Audi specific shop. No adjustments were made
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    Steering gets more aggressive after turning the wheel slightly

    Hey all, For a while now, my steering has this quirk where the "sensitivity" changes depending on the steering angle. For example, I'm cruising on the highway at ~60 and need to take a slight bend. The initial movement feels great, but once I hit a certain point (say 5 degrees of turning the...
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    I'm taking the PLUNGE!! bought Kerma tune, k03/K04 turbo and DLC injectors... what else??

    I just sold my Techtonics downpipe 3 days ago! It's a direct fit for the B4 TDI, and made very well. It is tricky to install because one of the nuts is near impossible to get to with the support they welded across the back. Still worth the money in my opinion.
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    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    I have a set of good e-code lenses (replacing due to broken plastic on the passenger side, driver's side only has condensation). I bought another set to replace, so they were going to end up in the trash anyway. TYC brand though... Edit: My VR sedan has the tunnel cover. Didn't know they were...
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    WTB: B4 Passenger Fender

    You can have it! I, too, was thinking about just cutting and fitting gappy into the area I need (around the corner marker), but thought the metal was too thin and I've never welded sheet metal before. I just tried car-part and found one about 45 mins from me. Will be picking it up on Monday
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    WTB: B4 Passenger Fender

    Thanks for the lead! Yeah when gappy was bolted down there was 3/4" (and I'm not exaggerating) of gap between the fender and door. Plus it's so thin it might as well be made of tin foil.
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    WTB: B4 Passenger Fender

    Well, the brand new aftermarket fender I bought doesn't fit. Crazy panel gaps! Looking to buy one as close to northern MD as possible. Any color, but black preferred.
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    SOLD! For Sale 1996 Passat TDI 6sp

    Good seller! Bought a clean GLX in April from you
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    1996 B4 Front Suspension Finally completed (pictures)

    I'm digging the mud flaps! Do you know the part #'s for them by chance?
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    FS: Techtonics B4 Downpipe

    I have a stainless downpipe from TT that I pulled from my wreck. Was purchased at the end of '19 and the flex joint is in good shape. Asking $220 plus any shipping. Located in Baltimore Suburbs Original Part Link
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    looking for a good used clutched alternator pulley for 1Z/AHU

    I have an original alt with squeaky bearings you can have. I'll double check if it's clutched or not
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    WTB: B4 Corner Lights

    As the title states, I'm looking for corner lights. If all else fails, I'll get those reflectors off ebay.
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    Parting: B4 Passat - Baltimore, MD

    The clamshell is in good shape with tilt steering. I'm not following which lights you are interested in. Inside/ outside? The left hand tail lights were broken when I was moving the car to where it rests now. My corner triangles both have broken clips and were held in by silicone adhesive. They...