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    FS - New McNally Combo Boost / EGR Gauge + extras

    SOLD For sale is a brand new McNally Combo Boost & EGT gauge with a "MyCruiseAgent" EGT thermocouple and block off plate (for mounting directly in EGR port). Also included is a new 034 Motorsports (I think) A pillar gauge mount. Gauge range is 0-30 PSI. Gauge still sealed in bag and includes...
  2. Coolant temp sensor (Green) & Dual Thermal switch (Blue)

    Coolant temp sensor (Green) & Dual Thermal switch (Blue)

    Coolant temp sensor (green) - 059 919 501 A Dual thermal switch (blue) - 8D0 959 481 B
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    Auxiliary fan always runs when ignition is on?

    I'm trying to solve an issue on my new to me 2004 wagon. I noticed that the auxiliary fan runs whenever the ignition is on (car running or not), regardless of coolant temp, with A/C switch OFF. I changed the coolant temp sensor at the base of the radiator yesterday hoping this might cure it...
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    Viton seals for fuel filter thermostatic T?

    Anybody know of / used viton seals for their thermostatic T on the OEM MKIV fuel filter? Mine is weeping a small (but irritating) amount of fuel at the T. I've changed the following to try and stop it: - New fuel filter - New thermostatic T - New hose clamps at the T Filter and T were...
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    FS - New Frost Heater for A4 Golf/Jetta (VE only)

    SOLD - brand new, never installed Frost Heater for 1999.5 - 2003 A4 Golf/Jetta TDIs (item #HTR2). Also included are a heavy duty timer and Marinco Onboard Charger Inlet. See the Marinco mod here
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    Thoughts on prep before turbo back exhaust install?

    I'm getting a turbo back exhaust installed on Wednesday and was wondering if I need to do any prep to make removing the stock system a smooth process. Thus far, I am planning to take off my steel skidplate (and leave it off for the install) and shoot some WD-40 on the downpipe nuts, since it...
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    With weather this cold...

    Unintended double post deleted. Can a mod delete completely?
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    With weather this cold...

    I had to break out the mask: Seemed to help with the quickness of warm-up this morning.
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    Phaeton to return to NA as a diesel?

    Automotive News is reporting that VW is considering a return of the Phaeton to the US market with a diesel powertrain to position it as a 'frugal' luxury car: Jacoby is an interesting guy. A nice V6 would certainly set it apart from...
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    MKIV - Remove/disable seat belt chime

    MKIV seat belt chime disable has been beaten to death, but is still somewhat elusive (for me at least). Car is a 2002 Golf. Cluster part #1J0 920 906 L (stock) Started with standard coding of 07232 (brake pad, seat belt & washer fluid warnings). Followed instructions here...
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    FS - ALH injectors w/ PP520 nozzles, just calibrated by DBW

    SOLD - a full set of ALH injectors with w/ low mile (<15k) Bosio PP520 nozzles just cleaned & calibrated by Drivbiwire <>. Injector bodies have 40-45k on them. Still in the package from DBW. Injectors will come with OEM copper sealing washers and fuel return line kit from...
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    Cluster recode & SKC retrieval in PNW?

    I've got an Immo 3 TDI Sport cluster on the way and am wondering if anybody in the PNW can reset the mileage to 0 and retrieve the SKC for me? Willing to pay, of course. Speak up peeps!
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    Recommendation for shop/guru in Chicago (Naperville) area?

    Hey, I have a brother & sister-in-law with gasser Passats that need to have some Dieselgeek Panzer plates installed (they live in Naperville, IL). Can anyone recommend or suggest either a competent shop or guru somewhat local to them for the initial install (any maybe future service as well)...
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    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    OK, after a little back and forth in the feeler thread, it seems like Saturday, May 3rd will be the date for the GTG I am planning for the Portland area. Figure 9am start time and go until dark (or loss of interest...)? My address is: 8401 SW Cedarcrest St. Portland, OR 97223 Mapquest does a...