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    SC - TDI GTG - 7th Annual Midlands Biofuels/Green Energy Biofuel - June 23, 2018

    Will do! :) Man, that's a beautiful model you have there. Mattel's Hot Wheels makes a Golf MK7 which I've casually looked for in stores without luck. I'm not a collector, so would likely strip its paint and airbrush it in Tornado Red to match ours.
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    SC - TDI GTG - 7th Annual Midlands Biofuels/Green Energy Biofuel - June 23, 2018

    I enjoyed my visit today and thanks BioJoe for setting the event in motion and for your preparations. We no longer own our TDI, but it was nice to see what everyone is up to. I'm glad that I was able to find a yellow Beetle owner to accept my small scale model replica. I didn't want to throw...
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    2010 model opinion

    Ooops, I forgot that our '10 JSW had these too. I never got around to replacing the RCV because our A/C still worked most of the time, but I did install the DieselGeek bracket which provided the perfect fix.
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    2010 model opinion

    Our '06 JSW 6M went ~ 110,000 Miles before we sold it back to VW and overall it was a fine car that we enjoyed. Transmission was fantastic throughout its entire life with us -- just perfect in every way. Like soot1, we had the Oxygen Sensor issue early on, but it was fixed and never appeared...
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    Greenpeace Pirates Board Ship Hauling VW Diesels

    While these fools gain planet-saving headlines interfering with a boatload of VWs, North Korea's Kim Jong-un is developing nuclear weaponry that can kill millions and spread radioactivity throughout. I hardly understand Greenpeace's priorities when infinitely greater and more immediate threats...
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    Sunroof... a reason NOT to buy?

    Although the Golf sunroof is smaller than the GSW's and may not have anything in common, part way through December 2016, VW either changed Golf sunroof manufacturers or re-engineered the design to eliminate squeaks and leaks. It may be too early to tell, but the change seems to have corrected...
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    Volvo going hybrid or electric only

    Perfectly stated. Thank you.
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    Volvo going hybrid or electric only

    What's lost in the breathless headline is that Volvo's resolve to use an electric motor in every car it produces in 2019 defines commonly produced hybrids. It doesn't mean the end of internal combustion engines from Volvo. The media doesn't have time for details.
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    Is there any oil you can buy locally that is good for our cars? (MK7 TDI)

    Your area may be different CALL911, but my local VW Dealer sells Castrol VW Spec oils at surprisingly competitive prices. You may want to stop by and see what your Dealer offers. Best wishes in your search and in your work.
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    Purchased TDI 40 days ago

    Glad that things are making some sense now. Now you can fully enjoy your new TDI. :-)
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    Turbo whistle replaced with a hissing noise?

    We could never hear a turbo whistle in our '10 JSW 6M. :-(
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    We had a bra on our '10 TDI JSW and I'd not buy another. The bra slowly cracked the top of each headlight. The inner lip of the bra is doubled-over stitched fabric and with the hood closed, the lip is mashed tightly against the top of the headlights and cracks resulted. Additionally...
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    2010 jsw dpf light

    Oilhammer offers some additional details at the link below and there's other good discussion there too. Reads that your EGR is clogged because of your failed DPF. The 2010's brought a redesigned system that is easier to service. Your DPF has had a good life. Ours failed at 80K Miles, as did a...