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    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    I pulled the glow plugs and turned the engine over a few times to blow out the water each time it has happened to me. If you do this, throw a towel over the plug holes to avoid making a mess under the hood.
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    Post-fix mpg drop

    Our 2015 Jetta seems to have been less affected by the fix, but I haven't checked many tanks since then to know for sure (wife's daily driver). I drive the speed limit, too, but I don't think I'll see those 45+mpg tanks again in my 2014.
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    Def fluid intervals

    I refill at every service re-using a factory container I've filled from a cube. When flow stops, just unscrew the jug and I'm done. Word of caution, though: After unscrewing the spout from the bottle many times during the past two or three services, the threaded neck became brittle and...
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    Center Caps on 2014 Jettawagen TDI

    I bought a cheap set a few years ago that either faded or fell out within a year. In my opinion, OEM center caps are the only way to go.
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    Post-fix mpg drop

    I guess the fix in la-la Canada is better than the fix I got. Didn't mention a thing about MFD numbers.
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    Post-fix mpg drop

    It's been enough time now to get a feel for how my fuel economy has suffered as a result of the dieselgate fix. In 2018 I sold my car back to VW and purchased it back one week later. Despite the disappointing post-fix to pre-fix comparison, I can't say I have much room to complain since I...
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    ventsectomy: is it okay just to let the pump click?

    +1 to this. Inconsistent fueling will cause individual tank mpg numbers to be off somewhat, but your average mpg results over time become more and more accurate. My cars are MKVI so I stop after one click. If I had a ventectomy, I'd top it off every time simply to get the most miles...
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    New to me 2015 Jetta TDI - Anemic horn

    LOL. I followed tomo's advice a few years back and added the second horn... sound's much better now. Wife's Jetta still has the FSFH (factory silent fart horn).
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    Mk TDI Wagon Roll Coal

    Lighting farts on a first date with a Bic lighter is waaay more impressive than rolling coal and cost a lot less, too.:cool:
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    Back in the Diesel saddle again - what do I have to keep an eye on?

    Definitely follow IBW's recommendation. Adding DEF at each 10K service is a piece of cake. I "unlocked" the locking threads and use a funnel to refill the bottle away from the car. You just have to be sure the nozzle stays with the bottle when you're disconnecting from the filler neck in the...
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    2015 CVCA leaking part at top rear of engine

    Seems to be very common on fixed cars. Mine was replaced under warranty by dealer. Get it taken care of before it gets worse.
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    Can't Find my DEF Tank

    Doesn't have one. 2015 Jettas use SCR with DEF. 2014 Jettas use LNT. Google difference between SCR and LNT.
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    Change 12V to full time 12V
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    WTB: MKVI Jetta Sedan Winter Front

    Pipe insulation works just fine, but looking for something a little cleaner looking to keep the wife from complaining. Found one for sale on an old thread. No longer looking to buy.
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    Cry over spilled milk?

    A full cup of protein drink was spilled in the passenger seat (don't ask :mad:) of the wife's 2015 Jetta w/black Leatherette. I cleaned for nearly 3 hours with rags, spray bottle of water, and shop-vac. Even after that amount of time, my efforts seemed futile. Questions: - Is there any...