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    How long b 4 Frank returns calls?

    But always welcome and worthwhile.
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    Skid Plate

    Do they even make them anymore? They stopped making the Odin years ago so they’re impossible to find. If they’re not going to be made anymore I find it hard to fault those would copy and sell them.
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    Headlight Upgrade for Mk3 Jetta?

    Really? I’ve polished lexan A3 headlights before, I wonder if they were aftermarket.
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    Headlight Upgrade for Mk3 Jetta?

    The real headlights have glass lenses, the OEM ones are plastic. I have E-codes on my B4 and they’re ok. I also have a set of halo Depo’s, new in the box, but they’re for a B4 And don’t fit the A3. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet.
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    Clutch master/slave cylinder issues (emergency)

    Yeah, forget the flushing every year thing, especially here in the dry desert. That’s just not needed at all. It’s either the master or the slave, as before. I’ve had poor luck with non-OEM parts, or at least non-premium parts, which is why I recommend ID Parts or Cascade. A Motive Power...
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    Rust repair

    Welding is very easy to learn with a good welder. Mine is a Hobart 120v with gas, and is the smallest I recommend. I also use Argoshield (75/25) for cleaner welds. I wouldn’t hesitate to tackle that project with a welder. The rest would also be pretty easy as it’s very minor.
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    B4 Window Regulator

    Yes, I have removed many window regulators to vehicles with no power. Once it unbolts, the whole works will slide down and allow access to the window bolts.
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    Rust repair

    That rust wouldn’t stop me from buying it. Get yourself a decent mig welder and repair it properly.
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    Problems with my 96 Tdi , stumbling under load

    Do you have a tune?
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    Rust repair

    That’s not bad, I’ve done a TON of rust repair on these over the years. The worst part is you only see half of what’s there.
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    02J manual tranny oil what do you like?

    Whatever you use, make sure it’s GL-4. I used to live in a cold weather state, and while the OEM was good for winter due to it having a thin viscosity, it was very notchy in the summer. I switched to a mix of Amzoil MTG and Syncromesh, which are both GL-4. This is what can result if you use a...
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    98 TDI Build

    You have to disassemble them to find out what the nozzles are. The markings are on the end that’s underneath the injector body itself. If you want to find out what they are my recommendation is to put the injector in a vise facing up, unscrew the top of it and lift it straight up, then remove...
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    My wife lost last key for her B4

    Remove a door handle and take it to any locksmith that cuts keys.
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    I have a number of keys kicking around you can try. I also retrieved my door handle stash from Maine.
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    New Member - 1996 B4V - BC, Canada

    Lol, no. I did try and get as many miles out of it as possible and always filled it to the top of the neck. I did the same with my sedan and filled that about 72 liters. My brother has run his out before and put in 75 liters.