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    Instrument Cluster issues after rebuild

    Check fuse 21 and that the grounds are connected. If memory serves, a blown fuse 21 caused similar issues on a B4.
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    It’s in the link.
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    It's in the local junkyard, no pictures of it because for some reason I can't post pictures. They have prices on their website, but they don't pull parts.
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    There are two up here in Prescott Valley. Road Trip.
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Thankfully the cruise isn’t hard to diagnose with a Vag-Com.
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    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    You now have 11 posts in this thread, 8 of which are redundant. Knock it off. We all know you need one but I cannot get one for you, as I've told you twice now.
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    1998 Jetta Issues!

    That box (the convenience module) has nothing to do with the glow plug light. TDD is right, push in on the relay to make sure it's seated. I've seen quite a few that come loose, especially when the fuse box isn't put back right and is tilted down. Steve is also right in that the early black...
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    Replacement Turbo for 1Z

    Exactly, Steve. I've freed up a number of turbo wastegates with great success, and there was nothing wrong with the actuator. The turbos just caked up from people shifting them at an rpm too low, coking it up. Why pull it off in the first place, diagnose it and IF it's the issue, then correct it.
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    1Z identification and diagnosis

    The memory code is usually the small hose inside the ECU needing to be changed. It's pretty common. Electrical cleaner is your friend. Yep, stock chips but at least the ECU is a good one, which did come stock on the 1996 B4, after the recall that is.
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    AHU turbo upgrade

    You missed this. 15 years ago? It’s a 25 year old car and still relevant today.
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    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    I know there is one there, I'll have to head back and see what I can grab. They're only open when I'm at work though, and we're gone next weekend for Thanksgiving, but I'll go as soon as I can. How soon do you need it? I may have one in my parts stash I can send and then replace it with the one...
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    AHU Starting issue (Starter or ?)

    1) Ignition switch. They’re a known weak point. 2) Convenience module behind the headlight switch. The main starter power wires go through this and I’ve had them fail before. A common mod is to tie these two together, bypassing the module. 3) Ground on starter and/or battery. 4) Starter solenoid.
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    1996-7 tdi wagon owners in Colorado or Los Angeles?

    Not normal at all Could be bushings, swaybar end links, or struts. Hard to pinpoint without looking into it more. One of the things I loved was how my B4 would corner like it's on rails and be absolutely glued to the road. My B4V is now pretty tight but needs the swaybar links replaced.
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    Diesel mechanic posted on Craigs, anyone here?

    Interesting. I do all my own work but have never worked on a 2004+ TDI.
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    Experience of traveling long distances by car

    It’s not like they’re going into the wilds of northern Maine, there will be amenities, people, and lots of civilization. The hardest part for me was having to wait 350 miles between Waffle Houses.