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    Can't believe its been this long but Yes, I still like my UG. After the initial calibration process as Growler mentioned, it just works and stays pretty accurate for my needs also. I haven't been so good about using Fuelly to kept good track of my tank mileage but I have an app that does...
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    3rd Annual Growler GTG 6/14/14

    Guess who is going to make it this year ?:D Yeap, I will be there after my son's baseball game (noonish) and hope to bring a newbie TDI owner who's son plays on my Coach Pitch team. +2..... We have family up from FL and got the look about TDI, VW, Cars... their lost.. I'm not missing it this...
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    What type of tires are you guys running?

    When I purchased my 03 Wagon, it had Michelin Primacy MXV4, same as the ones I have on my 98 Passat. Have had very good luck with this tire. On my GTI I ran Mastercraft Touring LSR's an they seemed to perform and wear right. Both my 87 Jetta GLX and 98 Passat came with Continentals and really...
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    Opinions on Jetta Wagon

    I agree with BOTH WhiteDog and Supton, what are you waiting for, go pick the darn thing up, Growler helped me find mine, bought it broken, replaced motor along with clutch and haven't looked back. Family Friendly, Wife Approved... Now with a Malone Stg3 Tune and DBW DLC1019 Stg1 Injectors - oh...
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    Fund Raiser for Oilhammer

    Ditto, I too received a “ Thank You “ note from Lisa (Brian’s Wife), although wasn’t expecting it, it sure was nice to know they received it – what a great family !!
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    Fund Raiser for Oilhammer

    Check will be going out in the mail tomorrow morning (Wed) Brian, Thank you for all that you do for the TDIClub ! I hope it will help you and your family out during these trying times.
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    Dealing with BeachedBora....

    I ran across this thread and I know it’s an old one but I am going to leave my 2 cents worth anyway….. From the first day I purchased my 1st TDI;) (Over a year ago) and was given Aaron’s name and #, after a few phone calls, ordering the recommended / needed parts, arriving like yesterday (Very...
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    ALH leaking vacuum pump

    If my leak dide come back :mad:, its so small that is not worth loosing any sleep over. :D Although its going to bug me if I can't stop it as it's getting my clean engine dirty. :rolleyes:
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    ALH vacuum pump leak and concerns

    Are you positive it’s leaking at the pump half’s? It appears you may have a similar issue like mine where there is a knick or uneven surface area on the head where the pump seals. During all my troubleshooting attempts, for grins I bought the BRM oil filter, used the seal from it, which I may...
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    ALH leaking vacuum pump

    *** STATUS UPDATE *** I ended up replacing the pump and seal but in the process I noticed the DIY gasket I used appeared to have melted or dried up so maybe I used the wrong DIY gasket sealant. I went ahead and installed the pump and seal any way. Since all of this and several thousand...
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    Question - Diesel Preheating Light

    And when its extra cold out, wouldn't hurt to cycle it again by turning the key off and then back over until light goes out.:D
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    TUNES...what kind and WHY

    Recommend Malone tune Highly recommend Malone - I am currently using their EcoTune with stock injectors but hopefully I will finally get my Bosch T4 (1019) injectors soon and will give my Stage 3 tune another try.:D Can't go wrong, service is top notch and their product speaks for itself.
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    Loose Diagnostic Connector

    I have noticed the same thing especially during logging over a long trip. I will lose connection and would have to jiggled the connector and reestablish VAGCOM. So far I haven;t seen this while using my UltraGuage - probably less cable / connection stress (No hanging Cable). This summer when...