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    03 standard wouldnt go into 1st gear, then wouldnt go to neutral. clutch?

    Trans input shaft bearing are worn. Gear low?
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    FS: EUJ Euro 02M 5 speed TDI trans

    Not of much use to diesel crowd. Try Vortex forum.
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    MK4 Golf engine, transmission, dogbone mounts upgraded

    Have new set. I'm moving out to Ventura next month. If you want sooner I can mail.
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    Another 5 spd, BS deleted vibrating b5.5

    Thats why I offered my 140kmile geared bsm engine. Oh well.
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    SOLD: used vnt15 turbo

    Tried to drill out? That sounds scary. Usually Kroil and 1/8" easy out gets job done.
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    wrb ; 02j shifter tower

    Have later style EGR EBJ trans code.
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    90 degree flexible boost pipe

    Not sure how that would happen? I have part $40
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    What vehicle did this rear hatch come from on my 03 Wagon?

    Bone yard find. Looks @ home by condition of bumper. lol