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    2015 TDI 2.0 additional performance mods?

    you guys don't have DEF/SCR system over there on the early mk7 right? just DPF? How friendly are the local constables and inspection stations for DPF deletes?
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    Engine swaps

    do they make a VW 5 pot diesel over there? 2.5 TDI from say euro van or something? that's be a nice swap.
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    What did you do to your Passat today?

    new serp belt and serp belt tensioner, and 90K oil change. Did confirm the '15 are fluid extractor friendly for draining all but 5 drops from the oil pan. So no more minor weeps from the drain plug here on out. I still gotta change out the oil filter but that oil drain plug is very tight to...
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    New problems

    my only guess is grounds for some of the electrical errors when you said "put rebuilt turbo center section" is that just new compressor and turbine wheels? or new VNT actuator? Is new compressor/turbine wheels an acceptable fix for blown turbo? did you test the repaired oil flow through the...
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    Phase 2 fix

    The way I read it no mater phase 2a or 2b are complete your warranty is good until the 10/yr 164K, (greater of the two). The only time you may benifit is if you get phase 2B at say 160K at 9 years, you might be able to squeak another 5yr/60K more, so a theoretical 15 year 224k. When we had...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Does that even work with the EA288 and the Air to Water IC? you're lighter wallet will make the car seem faster,
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    2.0 Jetta Sportwagen DSG transmission oil plus filter.

    OEM fluid? So a kit of DSG fluid and filter goes for around $100 if you use non OEM branded fluid. I'd offer it up in the buy sell forum, someone would take it off your hands, I'd be happy if I got $40-$50 if I were selling it. Shipping it won't make sense for my time and effort unless the...
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    Going from 18" to 16" Wheels

    5" wide rims off a BMW electric thingy. hahahah
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    anti freeze drain procedure

    did you open the overflow cap?
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    What is worn (suspension), wheel shift on brake

    So they undid the transmission mount/dog bone, rather than drop the subframe.
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    What is worn (suspension), wheel shift on brake

    DSG or 6MT? I've heard DSG needs the subframe dropped a couple inches.
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    Going from 18" to 16" Wheels

    some areas, even driving 5mph over will get you run off the road, even in the right hand lane.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    vw techs are good at making proper crimped splices in a pinch, i wouldn't worry much. A crack in the sensor will allow EGT flow up and melt the wiring. The sensor is closed system to allow it to only measure pressure, not flow or temp. my cjaa unit had a sensor fail but it was internal...
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    Resetting Oil Change Reminder

    2015 MQB? Just because it's not coded in the dash to show oil temp, doesn't mean the sensor isn't there sending info to the ECU.
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    Resetting Oil Change Reminder

    why are you commenting on a mk7 forum expecting comments to match your mk6?