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    Buying a 2015 Passat after its sat for several years

    i'd be shocked if they changed out pads and rotors just to sell the car. Tires that are out of round sure, but not pads and rotors.
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    Def fluid intervals

    about 15K per 5 gallons, so a 2.5 cube every other oil change works for us. I added the last 2.5 gal I had on hand around 55K in May, sitting at 62K now, prob make it to Xmas before needing to visit the local truck stop for another top up of my cubes.
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    Oil fill cap, blow by?

    How much is too much? @ 50K, there was pretty good schmoo around the fill rubber collar that was collecting some good dust. I did notice the fill cap doesn't have any sort of O-ring washer looks very similar to our TSI cap. I think the Gen1 and Gen2 cars had a rubber washer. I've heard the...
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    'Rona garage clean special 5 Oil Filters for NMS Passat

    That's right my loss is your gain, some how I flubbed a quick gargle search while padding a parts order for free shipping, I transposed 03L 115 562 instead of 03N 115 562 (2015 Passat filter). So what I have is 5 oil filters for 12-14 Passats sitting taking up space, one of the o ring bags has...
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    2015 oil residue by DSG

    @50K oil change, I think I know why the low oil light came on (took half a quart at 9,000 miles). Seeing a fair amount of accumulation between the block and DSG with even more accumulation at the back of the block (didn't snag pics). This def showed up in the past 10K. What's peoples thoughts...
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    DIY to drop the headliner?

    This makes 0-2 of me vs garage doors. first time was scraping the garage door hinge across the back hatch of the wagon for about 5" which required a minor respray. This time I snagged the back roofline (including the roof antenna) against the bottom of the door backing up before the door was...
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    What’s that sound?

    Everyone’s favorite game, online forum driveline sound diagnosis. I’ll use my best of my limited abilities to describe it and the situation that replicates the sound. So it’s more of a click/tick than a thunk or clunk, its very light, almost dainty and quiet, I noticed it three weeks ago...
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    So long and so sad

    Long live the long roofs!!! Not that it's news that there's no more TDI VWs but no more Gasser Sportwagens after the 2019 production run is going to stink. Looks like you'll just have 3 different options for the Golf moving forward, hatchback with the 1.4T, GTI and R. IMO pretty sad state of...
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    replacement interior door handles + DIY?

    Looking for a front passengers interior door handle. The metal is flaking off our 2015. Anyone have a DIY to swap it out?
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    Free CRKA oil filter for shipping

    I thought I unloaded all the old filters from our '12 Passat but i found one on my shelf. Anyone interested? $5 via pay pal or local pick up is yours.
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    Finally an intake solution! Who's lucky/brave enough to snag one of these bad boys and finally unleash the potential of the CVCA? If so, stock up on tires as I'm sure you'll be shredding rubbers every red light.
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    Attn North East Drivers Explosion at Irving Oil refinery shakes New Brunswick city Bad mojo for everyone north of NYC, something like 3 out of every 5 cars run on fuel from this refinery (I read it on the...
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    North East price increase in USLD? Looks like a few Northeast states are switching Home Heating Oil over to ULSD, was 50ppm, now will be the same as pump fuel and off road fuel which is <15ppm. I'm curious at what this will do to pump prices this fall when demand for USLD...
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    2015 Coolant pump/Tstat?

    Looking for others experiences, drove the wife’s Passat couple days this week. So +11K on the clock, NOS that spend two+ years in a dealers lot, this is the first winter with the car. Outside temps 10-30F, at the beginning of the day car is garaged at 45 or sitting at work in sub freezing...
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    For Sale NMS Passat 12-15 IDParts Winter Front

    Learn from my mistake, when the wife says she doesn't want her Passat looking like an over the road long haul trucker, she won't be woooed over once she sees a winter front installed as a "surprise", and would rather deal with a colder car. Up for grabs is a very lightly used IDParts winter...