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    Engine Control Module (ECM) anomaly

    But if the code is for say intermittent issue so for VNT implausible signal causing limp mode the dealer will most likely state "can't reproduce any faults, ran adaptation of VNT, all passed", they can't replace/charge VWoA, please pay us for our time. At least that's been my experience.
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    Mk7 rotors, resurfaceable or not?

    How low are the pads? are they grinding the rotors? if not, then they aren't low ;) So what about the shop price don't you like? Are you comparing it to prices of 2000? say 15-20 years ago? I'm guessing about 1/2 of what they quoted is for parts? Is this shop in San Fan? they are prob...
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    Upgrading the stock CR150 turbo

    cheap power runs out after just a flash, better dig into your pocket book once you want more power.
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    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    For a dying bread of sedans and the modern mentality of upgrades and redesigns every 3-5 years IMO yeah it was impressive. i wouldn't have been surprised if VW pulled the passat in 2019. I wonder how long China will keep the NMS Passat platform or if they will get a refresh. As for...
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    Engine Control Module (ECM) anomaly

    a dealer will be able to scan it but seeing there's no current issues they'll charge you the diagnostic fee as there's nothing to replace until the CEL is stuck on.
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    heater support pump stuck on

    IMO i think he's talking about the A2W intercooler pump, the one that needs the connector removed to pull the oil filter.
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    2015 Passat TDI fuse diagram

    too bad it's now dead in the North American market, amazing that lasted the last few years that it did. 2012 to 2022 is an amazing run with no major redesigns, just a few different "bright work" updates.
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    2015 with about 75k miles on the clock, wife drives it 95% of the time of about 50-55 miles aday without a care to MPG. been averaging 44-47. Sadly her commute is about 40% highway, on longer road trips >100 miles we're closer to 48 MPG over a tank, depending if we catch 3 or 4 regens.
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    Engine Control Module (ECM) anomaly

    a VW scan tool will show the stored code, i'm guessing you're using a generic scan tool? Until you read with a proper scan tool (ODB Eleven is nice and cheap, VCDS is even better but costly) its a matter of guesses and marking it up to a random fluke. Best of luck.
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    Charge Cooler stuck on. How hard should I pry or pull?

    if not his that bolt with your blunt tool, see if it moves ;)
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    You push the pipes away while doing the timing belt? Sounds like if you look at those sensors/piping wrong you maybe set up for failure.
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    Coolant loss and overheating, what's the solution?

    knowing that the coolant resivoir is shared between the block coolant loop and the A2W intercooler loop, my only hunch is that something happened with the A2W coolant pump/or thermal load of the A2W IC was exceeded and caused the boil. Maybe that system some how was syphoned low when the WP was...
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    2015 TDI GOLF Hydrolocked in PHX 220,000

    dropping the subframe isn't that big of a deal if you have a lift and plan on getting an alignment. I would recommend checking LCA bushing and replacing if there are any sort of miles on them.
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    Engine Oil Leak Help

    I don't think that sensor is a common leak, as it's also used on the TSI units, but easy to replace. At this point sounds like you need to properly clean the underside and find the source of the leak vs toss parts at it, might be a weap of the oil pan seal itself.