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    Warning signs of 2013 Passat Tdi transmission issues?

    DMF failure at 85K is pretty poor performance. I wonder how much abuse it had prior to your ownership.
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    New NMS Owner - Quick Question on Rebuilt Titles and Emissions Warranty

    I'm not a pessimist, just a realist ;) from the the few accounts with positive resolution I've seen, they've just contacted VWoA and escalated it internally with customer care without lawyers being involved. I'm fully on board with an owner being an informed advocate for their best interests...
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    2015 Hengst vs Mahle oil filters

    is that like the same thing as just hitting the watch button? lol.
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    Anyone drill the roof of a 2019 Golf for an NMO antenna mount?

    for step bits, slow and low let the bit do the cutting and don't force it, it takes a long time cause it's just pulling a small martial out.
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    poor guy, he must have enjoyed that driver assist sensor.
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    cold air intake on a 2.0 TDI?

    65K strong so far on our Alltrack, not that should be milestone to celebrate, but I'm still happy.
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    P2015 Code PASSAT CC 2009 TDI CBAB

    How many miles? While i've never seen that engine i have had to deal with a P2015 on my 2010 CJAA Jetta, and the dielsegeak part fixed it right up. There maybe carbon junked up in the intake runner causing the flaps to not cycle properly, or something wrong went on during the new intake...
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    New NMS Owner - Quick Question on Rebuilt Titles and Emissions Warranty

    LOL like the attorneys are sitting by the phone awaiting peoples calls 4-3 years after the settlement. They got their blood money and we got a piece of paper, its now up to us vs VW.
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    2012 Passat - Clicking noise on acceleration when cold

    describe the clicking? DSG or 6MT? Is it just in first or second gear? speed dependent? Clicking? or more of a tapping? what about maybe a rapping type sound? Could just be a rock stuck in your tire or a slew of other things, gotta give more details to help you out.
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    You guys don't have bug season? We're just coming out of black fly season now, but that just means june bug season is just around the corner. Just gotta get past tree pollen season, it turns both cars a crispy yellow in an afternoon sitting outside.
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    Buying a Dieselgate car from VWOA in May of 2021?

    VW branded dealers love to sell pre leased 1-3 year old models or something they can slap a CPO sticker on and pocket another 2-3K. None of those are happening on TDIs, let alone TDIs in California. Used car dealers will be the way to go to find a 6-7 year old car.
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    Anyone drill the roof of a 2019 Golf for an NMO antenna mount?

    headliners can bend as much as you need (your stronger than the cardboard and foam) but they won't bend back to look 100% what is was before, only way to do it clean is drop all grab handles and pull all the pillar trim then start removing it all in one piece down.
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    2015 Hengst vs Mahle oil filters

    Am I just too conservative to shove the Mahle into the standpipe of filter housing? 70K oil change done, but noticed difference between filters I had ordered a while back from IDParts, after scratching my head for a few min, the Hengst went in and the Mahle is back on the shelf awaiting the the...
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