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    Long Crank time on 2014 A6, 186,000 miles

    FWIW - I think this was maybe water in the fuel? Just after I posted this, I went out and drove and the car "bucked" twice, for now reason. I've had this happen periodically once or twice a year. I investigated it heavily in the past, but found nothing wrong, and no errors anywhere. So I...
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    Long Crank time on 2014 A6, 186,000 miles

    Hi all, 2014 A6, V6 3.0 CPNB, 186,000 miles My car just started doing this within the past week. Twice, on a restart, after sitting a half hour or so, the car will crank for several seconds before it fires up. Battery was new 6 months ago. It doesn't happen every time, so far only after...
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    fuel filter and brake fluid flush maintenace

    To be clear, when the filter is OUT, you are looking at the dirty side. When the filter is in place and all you see is the foam rubber gasket and the hole in the middle, the clean side is in that hole - don't pour into the hole. You do not need to refill the housing. Just key the car on and...
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    TDI Claims Portal

    I inquired about this at the dealer before buying a replacement car for my 2013 Passat TDI. I was hoping to buy a NOS 2015 after some short delay of a few months or so. Sales manager told me that the 2015 TDI needs new hardware, and that they are told the fix is at least 1 year away. They are...
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    Does the buyback require all items from the original purchase?

    This has been confirmed to me by 2 dealers now. The VW dealer I bought my Passat from, and the Audi dealer in another state I just bought my new (used) A6 TDI from. 3rd party person placed at the dealership. Minimal requirements for condition as specified in the settlement. VWoA will own...
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    Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core

    I did something similar on our 2001 Passat. I had the brown waxy flakes from mixed coolant. I used an inline strainer I bought from Grainger. It is apparently designed for pumps used on boats. The screen worked well, but clogged pretty quickly.
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    Heat Only on Driver Side - clogged heater core

    Thanks Nord. I needed heat today and it seems the pass side is permanently stuck cold now. Drive side was plenty hot! I will investigate per your direction and report back. Thanks again.
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    Volkswagen Testing Scrapping methods

    +1 for the intent, not the actual wording
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    Volkswagen Testing Scrapping methods

    Agreed - The best car to buy from an environmental perspective is a used car, any used car. So crushing perfectly good cars to "save the environment" is absolutely stupid.
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    Should I buy an A6 TDI?

    I'm also considering an A6. My wife is saying "buy" right now.... But I am thinking about price. Supply is low right now, but uncertainty is high. What will the price do when there essentially becomes a glut of TDI A6 available? Supply will be very high. Right now there are only 2 or 3...
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    Possible reason for the defeat device

    VW took this trick right out of the over-the-road diesel engine playbook. This had been done years earlier by the big diesel companies.
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    So I want to buy 2014 / 2015 A6 TDI, but...

    I am worried that my new, very nice A6 will have the same issues our Passat's have. Issues like: Turbo failure Clogged heater cores Malfunctioning temperature control door DEF heater failure exhaust flap failure Driver door lock module failure etc. I want a diesel sedan, and really a fan of...
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    Logistics, $, and dates - Selling back my TDI and buying a used TDI

    Hi all, I have briefly searched, but have not exactly found the answers I need. I just worked a week of 12 to 14 hour days, so trying to get other parts of my life caught up. I'm assuming one of you is better tuned-in to the settlement than am I. I am planning to sell back my 2013 Passat TDI...
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    AdBlue consumption

    FWIW - I received that update after my turbo failed and I noticed no difference in Adblue consumption. I buy a 2.5 gallon box every 3 months or so - Roughly 11,000 miles. But my driving is all highway or main roads. Never any stop and go.
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    rear camber adjustment

    It happens, NBD. I went back and checked because I thought I had missed something when I did mine 8-)