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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    I have 8kw worth of PV feeding 60kwh worth of LiFe batteries. (off grid) New system just brought on line October 2021. Even in the winter months in southern MN it is very rare that don't make enough PV that I've had to pull power from the grid. Just a few times the batteries have gotten to...
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    2015 CVCA oil pan gasket leaking

    I had to do the same on my 2015 at 40k miles. People here said it most likely was something else leaking like the cam seal but my leak was fixed just doing the pan reseal. Easy job but I have a two post lift. The key is to use the factory sealant and make sure there is absolutely no oil...
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Ditto, Bosch check for $40.27 received today.
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    Low oil pressure causes?

    I just dropped the pan on my 2015 to reseal, not sure about differences between 2014/15 but my 2015 was very straight forward and about a 2 on a 10 scale of difficulty. The hardest part being getting the old sealant to let loose. I did not disassemble further to inspect bearings so can comment...
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    I regret selling my 2014 Jetta 6MT back...

    I sold my 2012 JSW 6m back but replaced with a fixed 2015 Passat TDI 6m that has more room and gets better MPG. No regrets and the def usage is a non issue. Went from 66k mile 2012 to 18K mile 2015 and was able to pocket some change in the process.
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    OEM sealant for oil pan

    Completed this job over the weekend. Pan was really glued on with the factory applied sealant and like oilhammer I'm surprised it was leaking at the seam but a reseal job seems to have cured the leak. Took lots of time cleaning the old sealant off and making sure there was no oil contamination...
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    OEM sealant for oil pan

    Yes I've removed the plastic cover, cleaned the perimeter of the pan flange with brake cleaner, driven a few miles and then put up on lift. A few fresh drops showed up on the flange on the rear left side. It is the flange seal. The drain plug is new with every oil change and it's not the oil...
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    OEM sealant for oil pan

    2015 Passat 6mt (35K miles) has developed a leak at the oil pan flange (verified to not be leaking from higher up like cam / crank seal or valve cover. Looks to be a straight forward job but wondering what the recommended sealant is for this job? Learned from the 7.3 powerstroke forum that...
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    Pinch strips/welds repair

    You generally have the right idea but instead of metal glue use 3M panel bonding adhesive 08115 or similar. Clean the pinch strip where it has separated and completely fill the area with the 3M adhesive, clamp tight and then let set up. Paint any remaining bare metal with a automotive type...
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    2017 Cruze Diesel

    Where is this coming from? Every diesel Cruze I've seen listed has cruise control - even the ones discounted to under $20k.
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    Restitution payment after purchase of fixed used 2015?

    Ditto on the denial, "Vehicle not eligible" is the official wording. No surprise and I was not expecting anything. Mine was purchased from a independent dealer so there was some hope. They made me submit documents 3 times and wait 6 weeks to get this result....
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    EPA and California give Chrysler 2017 permission

    Owner of a local fab shop we use picked one up a few months ago before they resumed production, he travelled to Missouri (from MN) to get it. According to him there was/is quite a pent up demand for the Ecodiesel Ram 1500's.
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2

    Encouraging news for sure. Not sure if mine was a previous lease or owned car or if that matters at all. Guess I'll find out when I upload docs on the portal and see if they reject or not. Still waiting for plates/registration to show up. In the glove box is an info packet on the...
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2

    I purchased my 2015 Passat without expecting anything further. It was a great deal and the extended warranty is a bonus. In my case the portal says it's eligible - I suspect that if I submit documents they will reject it after review. Don't think you can take what the portal says initially as...
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    Why I do MY OWN service..unless Federally mandated

    Yep, pretty much the level of service I received from a Ford dealer on recall work, one car had to go back 2 or 3 times to get if right and the original recall work was pretty simple to begin with. As far as I know the worst my local VW dealer has done is to leave off some of the engine bottom...