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    FS 2001 VW Jetta TDI MK4 parts

    PM’d about the PD150 intake
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    Odd noise from engine

    I knew that. Your profile says you are in Ottawa. There are three listed on that page for Ottawa, bud.
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    Odd noise from engine

    Dont mean to be harsh, but if you don’t know what TDC is, then you should get it towed to an expert. It may be running, but it is not drivable. And not any old expert will do. The forum has a great resource for finding mechanics who are familiar with our cars...
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    TDI Maintenance Schedule

    No need to go this route with ‘rated for diesels’. There is libraries of information already on the forum about what oil to use! A few varieties of brands, but VW spec is the key. Don’t use it unless it’s has the proper VW spec for your model.
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    1,000 mile tank club!?

    Had a recent fill up at 732 miles and put in 15.2 gallons. (Ventectomied) Lots of driving at 55 and gentle rolling hills with plenty of stops and starts too. Was about 20 miles into the light coming on. Came out to 47.4mpg. Going to keep tweaking stuff as I want at least one tank to break 50...
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    1999 VW modified TDI for sale.

    Probably want to post in the cars for sale forum. This is the items for sale section.
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    Odd noise from engine

    That’s not a good sound. I would turn it off immediately. Then pull the top half of the timing belt cover off with the three clips. It sounds like you have fried your timing belt and rubber strips are flapping around in there.
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    03 ALH engine replacement

    If the donor car is an automatic then the IP will be an 11mm. Nice little upgrade, just be prepared for a lumpy start and work to immediately turn down your fueling with VCDS followed by a hammer mod to get the fueling range sorted. 2003 has a few differences. The injectors will have the...
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    03 ALH engine replacement

    These are absolutely not ‘needed’ but helpful to do with engine out(but will add time): Everything to do with the timing belt. New seals for the coolant hard pipe. Front and rear main seals. New serpentine belt tensioner. Vacuum pump gasket. Pull the oil pan to do the rear main seal, makes the...
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    Should I reuse this clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate?

    The biggest pain and largest expense in time is the process of getting to the clutch. If the engine is out definitely do the clutch. IDParts has a SMF clutch kit for a pretty good price, $360 for everything. I am kicking myself for not upgrading from a perfectly good clutch when I had my engine...
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    Followed the thumping from the wrong direction.

    I am confused. One of our resident gurus gave you explicit instructions to follow for diagnosing a possible issue, but you haven’t followed those instructions? First thing I would do is read through Frank’s post, follow it to the T, then report back with what you find. If you have further...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Odd. On the left side of their search you can select Android, and then it will give you every head unit that has android capability. They currently list 38 head units in stock with Android Auto compatibility that fit the MKIVs. There is a link on the listing of every head unit to everything you...
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    //// Mods to the Jetta to be a better winter car + how does it stack up VS Forester / Cherokee ? ////

    For the Maine winter and a 80 mile roundtrip commute into central Maine twice a week, I have Bridgestone Blizzaks on a set of steelies that I swap in with the first forecast of snow. Bought used and going on their third winter and they are great. Secondly, I put in VR6 springs up front, and the...
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    I never bring my car to the dealer... This one time, and now... well... ugh. What do you suggest?

    That much money out I would make the dealer deal with it. Sounds like they just threw new parts at it and cleared the code. You could start with reading what code it is throwing, doing the research on what the actual fix would be, and then taking it to them. This way you have more ammunition. I...
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    Pesky headlights

    I would start with “Housings look aftermarket”... Pictures would help.