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    Bora i-30 arlington tx

    If you have a 2003 Galactic blue Bora with a TDI with a red "I" with SSR wheels , and a red I on the motor cover PM me and I can give you some info if you want. First 3 of tag DM8.
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    USA today big Mercedes Benz diesel test

    So the E400 with the V8 diesel is gone?
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    USA today big Mercedes Benz diesel test

    A V-8 is needed for the S-class
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    Volkswagen v. Mercedes-Benz

    I think the GL is a very nice vehicle and score's high in Consumer Reports , they tested the 2009 BlueTec. The Highest Rated Suv was at 89 , and the GL was 78 rated but still Reliability was below average. All Mercedes owner cost but for the C-class have a full black dot the C-class has a half...
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    Chevy Cruze Diesel a direct competitor to the Jetta TDI

    So I wonder if the gas motor will just drop in to take the place of the diesel one. That would be helpful as the GM auto diesel motor was what killed the diesel market here in the USA.
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    First road trip starts tomorrow

    Good luck with your shooting. I did shoot competitively with a 6 PPC and 45's but never had 10,000 rounds for a shoot.
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    2003 Jetta TDI

    +1 My pump needed to be the viton seal kit but it was after 150,000 miles. I got my 03 new , it was a great car , check the timing belt mine was due at 100K miles.
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    Observing a 3mpg+ gain with Energy Saver A/S tires

    I had these on my 2003 TDI and had to go with the only 16" tire that would fit 215/60/16 and I checked the miles with my GPS and they Did give me around 3.5 mpg better over my Pilot Exalto A/S. I only had my car for 10,000 miles with the tires before selling it so I don't know how long they...
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    Why did you buy a diesel?

    I drive diesels because you can put so many miles on them and they just keep going and going. Mileage is just a plus so I don't have to stop on trips as often.
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    Anybody keep a jerry can at all times?

    I use the rubber tie down with hook on each end and hook it to the underside of the back where my amp was never had any problems. I get a five gallon jug that is about 16" X 16" on the bottom with five gallons its 38 lbs. I get them from a lube center that gets window washer fluid in , so when...
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    ECU tuning question Try them
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    To E15 or not to E15, that is the question

    What needs to be done is all the E85 vehicles need to use E85 , do the different size nozzle like they did with unleaded. Then let the cars , trucks , boats and everything that not able to run ethanol for any reason use fuel with out ethanol , that would save more fuel that E15. My Land Rover...
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    charger per 330d 3000cc diesel, per avere +400hp

    Not to many people on this side of the pond that have the parts to make power here on BMW diesels. The Finnish have made Big Hp from the Benz's. BMW has only been here a few years and most still are under warranty.
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    b100 in an alh

    I ran B-100 to B20 for years in my ALH motor and I did replace the injection pump seal with the viton seal and the return lines fuel with viton. I found that B-20 worked best for mileage and power.
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    Is Mercedes behind in diesel technology?

    As small as the TDI's are and as Large as the Benz's can get , your not going to get a orange from a apple.