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    ALH in a Civic

    Why? It will be a lot of work to end up with something that is well, un-remarkable. Buy a golf. It all bolts together.
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    WANTED: MKIV ALH Jetta/Golf TDI Body/Chassis

    I have a 99 golf body, complete minus motor and trans. Pulled them for my wagon. Car left this morning
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    Wtb: 99.5 ecu (038906018eb)

    I think I have 3 or 4
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    WTB engine harness for 2001/02 alh

    Titli says most looking for clean, not hacked
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    if your car is an automatic, I would suspect the plastic coolant flange on the end of the head. They are known to crack an leak small amounts of coolant. Cheap to replace and should be done as a matter of coarse, also replace the oring for the temp sensor, If it is a manual car, the flange is...
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    Wtb 5 speed for mk4 ALH

    I have several. Im in Kelseyville
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    VE tdi swap into b5 Audi A4

    My son and I have done three b5 tdi swaps...AHU, ALH, and a BEW. Personally I like the alh swap the best, but all are good. 2001 facelift b5. Started as 1.8t auto.Used v6 tranny and diff. The other two have tdi trannys but non existant now. As far as I know I have the last available tdi fifth...
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    WTB: Rear sway bar for 2002 Jetta Sedan

    I have a shine sway bar I would sell.
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    Well I DID see the engine from a '99 AHU :) put to good use!'s not an ahu, it is not even a TDI. Paying just a little bit of attention it was easy to figure out it is an IDI, and not even an AAZ. It is a 1.6. They state it is out of a 99 jetta, but I dont know of anywhere in north america that got 99 jettas with a 1.6td. What a waste, would have...
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    ALH steel oil pan?

    I have a couple of the all steel pans I bought several years ago. Not sure I am going to use them. Pm me if interested.
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    Looking for black MK4 Jetta door panel

    I have all four in black leather...
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    Jetta TDI to Golf swap?

    Time involved depends on your skill level, I have no idea what yours is.. Which hole does the round peg go into??
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    WTB: 01E 6-speed Trans FWD

    Contact Frans. I used a 02a ctn in my 914
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    Jetta TDI to Golf swap?

    Sorry, that is just not true. Plenty of tdi's have been put in gas counterparts with out harness swaps. You will have to wire in a 109 relay, and a few other things. Not a big job, have done several. one of my daily drivers is 01 A4 quattro with an ALH. Only wiring in the passanger compartment...
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    WTB: MK4 Golf Glovebox door

    The late glove box (late 02 and later I believe) will not fit the early cars with out some modifications to the dash. I have a good black glove box, can't remember which it is...will check