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    Installed a straight pipe, car stinks

    Removing the EGR causes noticeable smoke at start up.
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    2015 GolfSportWagon...Turbo Upgrade?

    Darkside Developments has several options for that engine.
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    best clutch?

    Is the SBC stage 2 endurance quieter than a VR6 set-up?
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    Diesel auxiliary heater retrofit
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    BRM turbo actuator, egr valve, asv

    Tested the actuator with a mity vac. Takes 90 s to drop from 20 - 15 inHg. Takes 4.5 min to drop 20 - 10 inHg. Takes over 15 min to drop 20 - 0 inHg. I don't know what new specs are but let me know if that's out of spec.
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    BRM turbo actuator, egr valve, asv

    $25 USD shipping for just the actuator.
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    BRM Borg Warner BV39 vane actuator again

    I've got a used one if you want it.
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    BRM Vibration

    Checking the harmonic balancer for a missing bolt/tightness might be a good idea.
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    BRM turbo actuator, egr valve, asv

    They're used. In London
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    Anyone install a GTB1749v from Darkside yet?

    The adjustment was mainly because I ran a tune for the stock turbo with the 1749. When I finally got the proper tune I had to readjust. Otherwise I probably would not have had to mess with it.
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    Anyone install a GTB1749v from Darkside yet?

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have been running a Darkside gtb1749v for a while now and I think it is the ideal turbo for a BRM. I'm tuned with a Malone 24 psi on stock injectors and it has great early spool and plenty of power. Took some rod adjustment to get it boosting properly but its...
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    BRM vs BEW

    Are you wondering if upgrading to BEW injectors in a BRM would be good in the long term? I suppose it would if you were planning on upgrading the nozzles down the road for a big power build. Then you could actually make real use of the 8mm plungers. However, it's much cheaper to go with pd150...
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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    Shoebear, what supplier did you order yours from? I'm searching ebay and see various types (although they probably come from the same factory ;) ).