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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    The glove box reset button only works if the ignition is off for 2 hours or more once you shut the engine down after the TPMS icon is lit up. Has the OP waited at least two hours with car's ignition off before pushing the reset button? That is probably the problem here since the bad tire was...
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    Terrible fuel economy alh autotragic

    The city driving and the 18" wheels are a large portion of your poor fuel economy. A friend of mine's A4 Jetta that ran 17" wheels in summer saw an INCREASE in fuel economy when he went to 15" wheels in winter. Ditch the 18" wheels/tires for 15" or 16". I had 16" wheels on my ALH and and still...
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    Should I or should I not? B7 Passat

    On 2012-2014's the regen intervals will vary - depends on how many short trips, etc. My 2014 would regen little as 175 miles and long as 410 mile intervals. The 2015 has been a pretty consistent 220 mile interval to the point where I can predict when they will occur so can plan on not...
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    Should I or should I not? B7 Passat

    I own a 2015 CPO with the CVCA engine. Heater core already failed on it at 80k which is not covered under warranty (so far) like the 2012-2014's but VW did cover mine due to other factors which is a long story. Otherwise has been solid and reliable so far. The room and comfort is better than a...
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    2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread

    Looks like NAIAS 2021 is cancelled - replaced by outdoor show in Pontiac, MI slated for September 21-26. So push a TDI event out to 2022...
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    Anyone out there in Northern, Michigan??? CP3 Help.

    If a 2015 Passat with CVCA is of interest / help I'm willing to make the trip. I visited Whitbread's shop a few years ago when he hosted a GTG after moving up there so know it's a bit of a drive.
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    Another heater core?

    Know someone here was changing their coolant annually to prevent heater core from clogging up but it still clogged up. Most of us have to deal with freezing temps in winter so increasing ratio of water to coolant isn't really a solution. You're in Michigan so I know you get the cold - I'm by the...
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    Another heater core?

    Just a matter of time. Heater core on my 2015 clogged up last October at 70k.
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    Active regens in consecutive trips

    When I had my 2014 Passat TDI regens were around 240 mile intervals when I did the 70 mile round trip commute to work. On a long road trip regens would happen between 300-400 miles. The 2015 Passat TDI I have now (which is not the same TDI engine as the 2014) does regens every 230 miles like...
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    SUMMERFEST 2020 IS CANCELLED. NAIAS has been cancelled.

    At this time the Detroit Auto Show is to happen as planned:
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    SUMMERFEST 2020 IS CANCELLED. NAIAS has been cancelled.

    I'm only 3 hours away and can make this so put me down as an "I'm in!". Tomo - look into flying (Detroit airport is in nearby Romulus) or take the train. I'm sure someone will drive you around. Sorry to hear about your health issues!
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    Fuel brand

    Murphy (Walmart) fuel was good to use in the past. A few years back they started blending it with 5% to 20% of biodiesel so it has less energy than straight (unblended) diesel does so fuel economy takes a hit. Bet that's why you took a hit in mileage. Did you check the pumps for a biodiesel...
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    Oil change or not?

    Fresh oil is semi-transparent. After engine is started for first time after fresh oil change it will be solid black. This is normal for a diesel engine, nothing to be concerned about. I'd change the oil every 10k as that is what VW recommends - 120k, 130k, 140k, 150k and so on...
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    Symptoms of Bad Heator Core- B7 TDİ

    Another possible cause of coolant loss is a fitting in the engine bay. My 2015 had a slow leak there and over time the effect was like a heater core going bad. So if this fitting is bad the heater core itself actually may be fine. Problem became evident when passenger side vent blew cold, then...
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    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Did you put a note in the comments section for Peter to bring to GTG when you placed your order? This is what he posted earlier about that: When I placed my order selected 'local pickup' so I would not have to pay for shipping and added "bring to Kirk's GTG" in the comments section. Sure hope...