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    Cooling Fans Running full speed with ignition off.

    Thanks for the input. This car doesnt appear to use temp switches but instead temperature thermistors and varies fan speed based on temp. The fan actual value seems to track perfectly with specified value when car is running . No DTC's showing for hvac module . Pressure seems good around 8-10...
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    Cooling Fans Running full speed with ignition off.

    Wife got home today . About 2 hrs later I noticed a loud noise comeing from the garage . Car's Cooling fan was ripping at 100 percent . It will run for 1 minute then shut off for 15 seconds then repeat . If I open or shut a door it shuts off for 30 seconds or so then ramps up again . It will...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    First road trip to Montana with 2015 golf 6m with 36k . Car was a pleasure to drive and Once again I am impressed . Maybe the outa state fuel is better ? . 2 kids the wife and loaded to the roof with camping gear Averaged 50mpg hand calculating over 3400 miles( MFD showed 54mpg ) Best tank...
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    Mpg @ 80mph

    Actually a surprising amount of variables when it comes to highway mpg. Temp , elevation , wind etc. My 2010 golf 6 speed manual with stage 2 eco tune seemed to run about 49mpg @ 75 mph with a loaded car and some AC but thats driving across high desert in summer time around 5000ft. At see...
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    Fuel Additives in BMW Diesel

    About a Year ago, Cummins the worlds largest diesel engine manufacturer officially endorsed a couple of power service additives. That gave me more confidence in additives . FYI, Cummins also uses both the cp3 and cp4 pumps for their engines .
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    I got the same ones. I'm thinking there may have been a little overstock in the US of the mats with the TDI embelm. Especially after the 2016 tdi's got canned.
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    VW Rejecting Non-Clean Titles?

    Just curious has anybody had any issues completing the buyback if you owned the Vehicle on or before September 18, 2015 ? . Reading through the various threads it seems like most of the holds and rejections are from vehicles purchased after September 18. I purchased my salvage title car in 2014...
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    Adding third row to sportwagen

    Never a sport wagon but Added a reverse facing seat to an old van once. Anything is probably going to require some fabrication and creativity. One way is to find a wagon that came with reverse seat from the factory and then retrofit into GSW. Or another thing that comes to mind is just use a...
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    Battery upgrades for 2015 GSW?

    Been running these in my jeep for many years. No issues at all. Little spendy I paid $220 on sale but I found the 34r fit perfect in my 2010
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    New to me 2015 GSW throwing codes

    Does this trip the CEL ? . I remember seeing a few similar faults when I scanned my 2015 with VCDS but it has never tripped a CEL and car runs perfect. So i haven't been concerned.
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    MPG accuracy in MFD after dpf delete and stage 2

    That's strange. I was very impressed with the accuracy on my 2010 before and after tune . Did you reach out to Malone tuneing about this? I had a 2010 golf tdi 6m. Before tune mfd Consistently read 1 percent lower vs hand calculated over 5k miles . After new exhaust and malone stage 2 eco...
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    Malone Tuning - Stage 0.5 Tune for 2015 Golf/Jetta/Passat

    Regarding mk6 vs fixed mk7 mpg. I traded in my 2010 golf 6m and Got a new fixed 2015 golf 6m . So basically identical car. My wife does most the driving and the hand calculated mpg is about 5-10 percent better with the 2015. In fact the 2015 does close too if not the exact same as my 2010 when...
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    Is there any oil you can buy locally that is good for our cars? (MK7 TDI)

    I can get 507 oil at the local o rieleys and Napa but it's like $10 a quart !. I find the dealer to be cheaper @ around $8. So I go that way. I am still hopeing the local Wal-Mart starts selling it. They have recently added a 502 505 spec and also a Pennzoil platnum ultra 5-30w for the ram...
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    VW Rejecting Non-Clean Titles?

    I have always disagreed with the settlement that if it was salvaged but brought back to working condition before Sept 15, 2015.That they are excluded What do you mean by that? I successfully turned in my 2010 golf in April for buyback. It was salvaged and rebuild back in 2012 and I...