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  5. MB250 MPG 50.1

    MB250 MPG 50.1

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  10. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    No, nothing that glamorous. My one and only stop was at a rest stop in Indiana.
  11. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    Filled the tank in York SC, 800 miles to Des Plaines IL @ 70-MPH average, still have more than 1/4 tank left. Display indicated 48.0-MPG. Dealer replaced the main battery.
  12. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    Drivbiwire/jnecr/ktr, Thank you for the informative replies. 8.5 liters sure is a lot of oil. I understand about the more complex emissions equipment not playing well with the 2-cycle oil, but what about adding Power Service (white or silver bottle)? Sam - I still have the run flat...
  13. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    In 1-month I have put on about 4,000 miles. In all that time, it used about 1.25-gallons of DEF.What's up with that?Granted most of the driving was highway, but what the heck is only 1.25-gallons going to do?0.0003125-gallons per mile.Or 28.41 drops per mile (assuming 90,921.8 drops per gallon)...
  14. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    10.4 !
  15. 2004PassatTDI

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    I have about 6,500 miles before the oil change is required. Will do it sooner. Last tank lasted me 750 miles going back and forth to work. I peeked under the engine cover. Getting to the oil filter looks easy. I'm liking the car more and more. Acceleration is very good for what I need it...