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    WTB: MK4 passenger side mirror

    Mom clipped a pole, or something. Need passenger side mirror for 2003 Jetta, black would be ideal. Power and heated. Thank you
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    MKIV Jetta lay flat vents - ONLY side vents

    Have Jetta "lay flat" vents for the driver's and passenger side. NO CENTER VENTS Driver's side comes with headlight switch. Both vents come with proper wiring. Please check out my craigslist or eBay ads as I'm too lazy to upload images to host site and then add coding here. Thank you...
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    Anyone have a lead on a plug connector or pigtail?

    Back to messing with my 1997 Boxster. Finally tracked down those pesky pin connectors. In the process of removing all the old pins from the plastic connector thing, I buggered it up pretty decently. There's a VW part# on it, but Googling it barely turns up any results even worth skimming over...
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    Key stolen for 2015 Golf. Need advice

    ....solution: 1) let said car be stolen. (Conveniently empty car of all person belongings prior) 2) receive ins. money 3) skip over having to worry with dealer over key replacement. 4) Profit.
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    Sunroof cover / sunshade MKIV

    I have a sunroof sliding cover removed from a 2002 Golf 4-door. I took it because it was in much nicer condition than mine (the UV exposure makes the slotted plastic 'handle' part very brittle and weak), but I didn't get around to re-covering it to match my headliner. Which is a plus because...
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    2000 4-dr Golf auto, 162k. Comes with 5spd swap - Wash DC

    Sold the 5speed swap, so now just have the car, the new front end parts, and misc other parts. Price drop to $2500 for the car and $2700 for everything Golf/TDI related I have.
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    1A Auto parts?

    I ran across those types of deals as well when I was searching for a front-end rebuilt deal. The price discrepancy is kinda crazy. Some vendors price control arms at like $200 per, while others sell both control arms, both ball joints, and both tie rods for like $100 shipped. Most replies...
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    Complete ALH 5-speed swap, 164k miles - Wash DC

    What's the going rate on these?
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    2000 4-dr Golf auto, 162k. Comes with 5spd swap - Wash DC

    I added a few pictures to my craigslist ad (headliner, and center console area), and dropped the price by $100 across the board.
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    02 Jetta TDI died while driving. Won’t start back. Help?!

    my first thought was "if you don't have pressureized fuel at the injectors, then you don't have fuel..." If diesel ain't pressurized, it ain't doin' nothin'.
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    Complete ALH 5-speed swap, 164k miles - Wash DC

    ***SOLD*** I'm moving on from my 2000 ALH, and I'm cleaning house. All parts pulled from the same car - 2000 Jetta in green with 164k miles. The owner showed me it ran and drove, and I pulled everything myself. Complete swap - Transmission, shifter box, linkage, both axles still bolted up...
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    2000 4-dr Golf auto, 162k. Comes with 5spd swap - Wash DC

    Car sold locally for $2400. ***5spd swap has been sold, and is no longer available*** My best friend and I are very likely going to snatch up a couple of buy-back TDIs to serve us while establishing our careers. As a result, I'm doing the prep work for that, which includes saying goodbye to...
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    2000 4-dr Golf 155k miles, low power

    Reviving this thread with a more serious intent to sell and real pictures.
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