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    cylinder bore tolerances?

    This thread came up in my search about a situation i have. BEW broken ceramic debris from GP scratched the 4th cyl. now im weighing my options. ball hone was tried and still catch my nail. guess its time for larger parts in that hole.
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    Who can provide 4motion parts for a mk5 2.0tdi jetta in the US?

    I seen this website It doesn't breakdown what bevel box part number, Haldex P/N or driveshaft part numbers to use. I have considered trying to find a golf r for a donor but it looks like the ring and pinion...
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    Tdi buyback restitution delemma

    keeping the car. insurance gave a generous check. looking for factory parts to repair it.
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    Tdi buyback restitution delemma

    I have adpf delete tune on it now. So if I keep the car and put my dpf on, I can just keep the car and have them "fix it/$5100 check"?
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    Tdi buyback restitution delemma

    My 6speed jetta was wrecked. If insurance totals it I'm considering buying it back and taking it to vw for the buyback. If it's not totaled then I'll fix the car and do the restitution check/fix. I have my dpf and egr stuff still but it has been replaced with dpf delete and egr delete tune...
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    2.0cr sudden and complete loss of power but temporary

    2010 cjaa jetta 6 speed at or near 1800 rpm in light to moderate load the car loses engine power suddenly and completely but only temporary. just so happens when i cruise on interstate at 60-65mph. just recently had dpf delete and eco tune from malone.
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    wtb 2micron cp3 kit or fuel filter setup

    Old username just keep using it.
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    wtb 2micron cp3 kit or fuel filter setup

    watching for buy back cars parting out there cp3 kits and filters. looking to keep my 2010 6speed.
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    2microntech - Helping to Keep Your Common Rail VW Alive!!

    photobucket links dont work. id like to protect the cp4. is this the answer?
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    looking for induction mods to hear the compressor.

    Ouch... so maybe I enjoy turbo noise, choppy cams and tire smoke. Neither of my cars are distastefully modified. I truly enjoyed modified cars if it's done tastefully. If pictures aren't visible, click on them. Photobucket is now asking for money to hotlink. Currently looking into a new way of...