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    Selling my Beetle...

    I am selling my 2000 TDi Beetle. I have it up on Ebay, and the auction ends on Sunday the 23rd. it only has 74040 miles and is in excellent shape. As an added Bonus, I'm letting everyone here know the reserve... $7,600.00. Please help me find a new home for Bernie. 1001100's Ebay Auction
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    Need Electrical Guru ASAP! South NJ

    Well, I have a 2000 NB. It has 70k miles and about a month of ownership, I had noticed the airbag light was intermittently staying on after ignition. When it stayed lit for a week straight, I (regretfully) took it to the dealership (I hate) only to find out that they needed to replace the whole...
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    Evolution Import Skid Plate - Must Have!

    I bought an Evolution Import Skid plate for my 2000 Beetle TDi as a precautionary measure when I found out I bought the car without one. It was fairly easy to install and actually made the handling better, aerodynamics improve and Engine noise less. I was driving down 295 south in Florence, NJ...
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    Need Help: Auto Transmission

    I installed a Frostheater and an Skid plate yesterday. Last night, I put my NB in Reverse, and the whole car started shaking like the motor mount is missing. Please tell me I diddn't do this to myself. I bought a "stupid" 6 mo powertrain warranty from the dealer. If it is...
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    Are there any websites for 100% free ringers for cellphones? I don't want to pay 10 bucks a month to get some dumb ringers that I don't want. I remember there used to be several out there, but all I get is garbage these days. suggestions please.
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    Bigger Injectors = Better Mileage?

    I saw an auction on Ebay ( ) (or at http://www.TDTUNING.COM ) that was selling larger injectors, .21, for a non-PD TDI. The listing claimed that at higher speeds larger injectors actually got BETTER...
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    Shifter Flip...w/ Pictures!

    If you are a Tall guy like myself, you may have the problem of accidentally pressing the shifter button with your leg while driving . After looking into it, I figured out a simple "Euro Style" Shifter flip that works and is easy to do. First, pull the collar down: Second, While pressing in...
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    How to Clean Sunroof Drains w/ pictures!

    I have recently had trouble with water in my New Beetle. Even with the wonderful resources here at TDI Club, I could not find a refrence for this problem. I decided to write up this quick "How-To" on cleaning and locating the drains on the 1998-2006 New Beetle with a sunroof. I spent two hours...
  9. Nice VW Logo

    Nice VW Logo

    VW Logo
  10. 1001100 water problem

    1001100 water problem

    Water in the spare tire well...
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    Should I Feel Violated?

    Here is another one to add to the DO NOT USE list: Burlington Imports / VW Am I Crazy, or are they Ripping me off for Around $2000.00 for: 60k Service Water Pump Timing Belt "Leaking" 3rd Brake light = New Hatch Lock+Wiring Motor Mount Temp Sensor Oil Change...
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    Don't Say I never gave ya nothin'

    Your own Fast for your desktop:
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    Heating Oil = Diesel?

    What would happen if Heating oil was put in the TDi instead? Heating oil prices change faster than the regular pumps, and I could get it delivered to my house in my own above ground tank for less! The DOE classifies it as the same, so what's the difference? p.s. What is the difference between...