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    3.0 cata failed engine

    Are you sure the noise isn't a failed injector seal causing it to vent the compression and exhaust out the hole above the exhaust manifold. This would sound exactly like a manifold leak, but replacing the manifold would not fix this.
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    Rusty fuel filter housing

    Just did service on a new to me 2006.5 car, have no idea when the last filter change was, but we found the same thing. Pitting and rust. I've never seen this in any of the other TDIs all others have the older style 2 hole filters.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Bought a replacement right euro tail light from they sent me a left tail in a box with an RMA# on it. :(
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    TDI Cam Timing Adjustment (for rough idle) How-to (with pics)

    I replaced my clutch and flywheel with a valeo single mass setup about 6 months ago. My idle is smoother than it has ever been and I haven't had a single second with rough idle that has plagued my car for 11 years. The torsion value seemed to make it a lot better but it has never been perfect...
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    Door Wire Harness Settlement/Warranty Extension

    I got the letter. Just inspected my harness, I haven't had mine fail yet, but this is probably due to the fact that I am only up to 84k miles. I wish I'd found at least 1 chaffed or cracked wire in the harness, I should still be under the warranty extension until Dec 6th, but I don't think I...
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    H7 LED vs Halogen

    I have a flashlight with 3 T6-XML Cree bulbs in it and it is super bright. If I could find an H7 with one of these behind a projector I think it would be better then the Q5 Cree. I Don't really use my high beams and don't care for the color match of the halogens in there against my HID low...
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    Jetta MkV "Easter Eggs"....hidden tricks!

    While sitting next to my car I just noticed something that I had overlooked in the 7.5 years I have owned my car. This could've came in handy a few times. If you undo the top of the hood strut and open the hood past it's normal open position, there is are holes on each hinge that line up to...
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    8th Annual PNW BoraParts/Fixum GTG August 17, 2013

    Possible windshield. Are these OEM Glass? I have $0 deductible comprehensive so I would have my insurance pay for it. 1. Bleachedbora (Aaron; 3A, 2C) 2. Bugget (Tom; 2A, 1C) 3. evolDiesel (Jack; 1 attending, mmm food) 4. Slamhouse(2 attending, 1C) 5. bhutchins(1A, 1C) 6. Matthew 7. Kiwibru 8...
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    Oregon gtg

    It's been a couple years since I've been to a GTG sounds fun.
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    Portland TDI Club ? ? ?
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    Portland TDI Club ? ? ?

    When is Westfest this year?
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    Portland TDI Club ? ? ?

    I grew up in Rainier. Graduated Rainier High School class of 1998. I moved to Longview in ~2002 after living for 1 year in Lakewood, CO
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    Rocketchip stage 1 vs Malone stage 1

    Between my brothers, and friends we have 4 2006 TDIs, 2 have RC 1+ and 2 have Malone Stage 1 tunes. The RC tunes definitely have more get up and go but they are also a lot smokier tune. I have had the RC 1+ tune since TDIFest 2010, and it is nearly impossible to take off with more than 1/2...
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    Portland TDI Club ? ? ?

    His user name is SootHappens, VDUB2NV and I are in Longview, WA too
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    Front wheel area rattles

    I first noticed a bad rattle about a month ago and just got around to looking at it while I was putting in a ZeroStart heater last night. I am glad this was simple to fix, and even more glad that I don't have to listen to that terrible rattle every time I take off in 1st.