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    Traded the '11 - probably my final TDI.

    We will probably keep it stock at least for the CPO warranty period (2/24) - even after then it will probably stay stock as it makes very nice power as is and current power levels routed through the front wheels causes obscene amounts of wheel spin. :ROFLMAO:. Since you know these engines...
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    Traded the '11 - probably my final TDI.

    Well the '11 TDI is now gone - replaced by a '17 GLI gasser. Hate to close this chapter as I fell in love with TDI's back with my '03 but the writing is on the wall they will never be back. I have to say I went into my '12 SW buyback with starry eyes only for it to be a total disaster and...
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    '11 TDI - DSG Limp mode today.

    So odd issue today in the '11 SW TDI - strangely enough happened within 6-7 miles of picking it up from its annual service. Not a DSG fluid interval so this visit was just oil change, fuel filter and brake fluid exchange. I was not in the car (was following behind) so I am only relaying...
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    2011 did excellent on trip - 41.2 MPG down 37.1 on return.

    Took a quick weekend trip in the '11 SW TDI to meet the folks in Savannah. Atlanta->Tybee Island->Savannah->Atlanta. I reset wrong MFI on way down so it reset after sitting at Tybee overnight. Kept the cruise between 78-79 the entire way and ended up with a 74 MPH average and 41.2 MPG...
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    Age is catching up to the '11.

    There is a good "test" section of road that I traverse regularly that has two bridges that are raised like a plateau - they are basically like _/---\_ but with the top dashes even with the ramps up (not quite that extreme but can't portray well via typical keyboard). First bridge is on a...
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    Mazda (finally) confirms a CX-5 diesel this summer

    Tiguan 2.0 grew into correct proportions for the compact CUV class (CR-V, RAV4, Equinox, etc.) - 1st gen was too small and too euro centric for the US market. Not to mention fuel economy was horrific compared to everyone else. I had a 2020 or 2021 Tiguan S as a loaner for about a week...
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    Age is catching up to the '11.

    Hey all! So the '11 in my sig is not my daily commuter and most of our weekend dart around town time is in my E-Golf so I don't get to ride in it too terribly often. I noticed over the past 6-8 months that the engine vibration and clunking on start was progressively getting worse, then I...
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    2011 JSW getting a new engine wiring harness.

    No wonder the dealer has been trying to weasel out of warranty work as of late - the '11 has had its fair share of problems like my now departed basket case '12. Here is list so far - in ~2 years it has been out of service for repairs for a combined 11 days. 5 days for pano roof repairs and...
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    2011 JSW getting a new engine wiring harness.

    So here is the harness part - guessing just the harness for the fuel injection and glow system.
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    2011 JSW getting a new engine wiring harness.

    So car was picked up this morning (6 days) - new wiring harness and maybe 1 new glow plug. Cliffs notes from service ticket: Codes - P13D9 and P13D7 "Sensor for internal pressure of cylinder 4 electrical error". Swapped glow plug and fault still exists. Removed air filter housing...
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    2011 JSW getting a new engine wiring harness.

    VW is paying - it is covered under the dieselgate warranty. ETA is now Thursday morning - keeps getting pushed back so we shall see if Thursday happens. They have some Tiguan and Jetta loaners but once those are gone they set you up with Enterprise.
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    2011 JSW getting a new engine wiring harness.

    So the '11 lit up the CEL the other day, no drivability issues noted. Other half dropped the car off yesterday morning, 3 hours in they mention glow plug issue and they set up a loaner saying to check back in tomorrow. Just received update that cause is a wiring harness issue which was...
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    2011 JSW - yet another leaking panoramic.

    So it has been a solid 8-9 months since my multiple posts on the very problematic pano roof on my now departed 2012 JSW that ended up spending almost a solid month in the shop for new headliner, new carpet, new drains and ultimately some body shop work to fix the roof leaks. It was shortly...
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    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    Ughhh that article made me want to throw my computer - looks like author just Google searched best and worst engines and put something together based on that. SMH Corners cut and cost cutting? Yeah they wrote some ECU code to cheat emissions but I would hardly call the final 2 generations...
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    The short range is not an issue for me at all - yeah the 125 mile version would be more convenient but the 84 mile edition is not a challenge by any means. Its ~3 miles to work, ~.5 mile to the convenience store, ~1 mile to the grocery store, Target and Home Depot. I have everything I...