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    Jumped Ship..

    Yeah I thought the same way, i had so maybe things i wanted done to my tdi that it wasnt cost effective for me. Plus the 20thAE is everything i wanted to do and then some, minus the fuel economy!
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    Jumped Ship..

    Well I sold my TDI and got a 20th aniversary.... I know it seems like a bad move gas prices like they are... but its done now. Good thing the TDI is staying in the family! I sure will miss her. heres the new toy...
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    Emissions Test??

    thanks for the input everyone
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    Emissions Test??

    I have straight pipes from the turbo back, (2.5in) no cat no resonator. Will i have any issue getting e-tested and passing? If so how can i avoid the problems if any arise... Please help.
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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    What did you do about the PRD123 part of the cluster? Did you just replace it?
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    Recaro cloth A4 seats---while supplies last!

    Do you still have the GLI sets? They don't include rears or rear covers right?
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    auto to 5 speed swap questions

    Care to send me a list of parts needed aswell, im in the same boat.
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    BFI Transmissions?

    Yeah I thought the gearing would be a issue.
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    Performance products

    I did a mild tune and PowerPlus nozzles from kerma and love it, Just be cautious of your tranny, i learned the hard way!
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    BFI Transmissions?

    I was browsing the great world wide web and came across a couple of transmissions which seem to be pretty good. Price is reasonable for a new unit. Im currently preparing to do a swap from my blown auto to a manual setup so something new would be nice. Here's the link...
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    Wtb: 5-speed Manual For A4

    If you find somewhere to get parts let me know I'm in the same boat.
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    Waterfest 2008 !!!!????

    I would love to join in too, we'll see when time nears
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    Auto Dead ...Time for a upgrade?

    Well the shop I asked just said it wasnt worth it but right now i feel it is(the swap) I wan this car to last a few more years and i drive alot i need it to be reliable again.. and theres more plans i have for it... I have sourced out the manual tranny parts at roughly 1000$ then i could go for...
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    Auto Dead ...Time for a upgrade?

    So I brought my car in for a fluid change as it hasnt been done in 3 years and i get told that the tranny is on its last legs... Which i was suspecting since i put in PP502;s and got a Alligator tune. Occasionally revs would nearly redline and then suddenly drop. So i knew it would happen one...